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Ziploc Slider Storage Bags, Gallon Size, 96 Count

We have these ziploc bags on subscription. We use it for everything. Besides food storage, we use it to store small toys, to bring extra sets of clothes to daycare, for school projects, the list goes on and on. The reason I gave it 4 stars though is because sometimes the little slider falls off and it’s not always possible to get it back on and working. So at times, we need to just throw it away without really getting a chance to use it. That only happens once in awhile, but enough to be a minor annoyance. Check it out!

Keep your food fresh with Ziploc brand Slider Bags. Each bag features a slider closure and an expandable bottom that opens into a flat base, helping the bag stay upright so it’s easy to fill. Plus, these bags feature our Smart Zip seal-it lets you hear the bag close so you can feel confident your food is protected.

Ziploc Slider Storage Bags, Gallon Size, 96 Count Review

The sliders are not good at all. It does not make it airtight, terrible for keeping food smells in. In addition, they keep popping off with the use of little force, which is very annoying, very poor construction. Stick to normal ziploc bags. -Read Reviews-

These are EXCELLENT. I use them to get big bags of popcorn and then split them up into single servings. I’ll also use them to store "single servings" of prepared coir block material for the composting toilet. They are also great for storing rice and oatmeal and bread so that the air can’t get to them. Then I put them in a 31 gallon metal garbage pail to keep the rodents out of my emergency food supply. They are also excellent for storing underwear in your backpack or suitcase to keep them dry and handy. They are also great to store fruit that you’re picking off the vine during growing season. Also, you never know when you might find some natural object that you love, so carry one with you. They are also good as a vomit bag just in case you smoke too much pot out in the woods when you’re communing with nature. In other words, these things are awesome and you’ll always be finding new uses for them.

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