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Zia Audible – Unabridged Scott O'Dell (Author),

I read this as a child in grade school. Gobbled it up actually. I am now 53 and decided to read it again and it is still just as good as it was then. The imagery brought about by the writing is amazingly good, and you begin to feel almost a kinship with this girl. After reading it, I Googled the book and found a wealth of information about the book, the actual island, and the real story of this girl, who was a middle-aged woman by the end of the book. The island and the story of the "Lost Woman of San Nicolas" has actually been extensively studied in colleges, and archaeological expeditions have been conducted, where many artifacts were found. This book is a must read for kids, and even kids who don’t like to read will likely be caught up in the story. Check it out!

Zia Audible – Unabridged Scott O’Dell (Author), Review

Island of the Blue Dolphins. .one of my favorite classics, my kids have read this and I read this again every few years. i bought this for my nephew who is very young but a smart kid that actually requested books for xmas. i was more than happy to oblige with this and several others. every child and adult should read this one. the paperback cover and pages are not the best but definitely not bad for the price, very affordable. -Read Reviews-

I discovered this book in my school library in the mid-1970s, and devoured it and then re-read it multiple times. Karana was a hero of mine, with her survival instincts, and the story has stayed in the back of my mind for 40 years. As my children got old enough to read chapter books, I was pleased to see this classic on the list of books they could select for school assignments. I still had my old copy of Island of the Blue Dolphins and gave it to our oldest daughter. I just bought a new one for our youngest son, who is also enjoying the story. Karana’s story is based loosely on the story of Juana Maria, a native girl who lived alone for 18 years on an island off the coast of California in the mid-1800s. This is a story that most children will enjoy and relate to, as Karana battles loneliness and shares her life with a wild dog. She makes herself skirts out of cormorant feathers, builds a house out of whale bones, weaves baskets and lives on fish and seal blubber. For those interested in "the rest of the story" you can read about Juana Maria on Wikipedia or watch a video about her island on YouTube.

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