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Zero Day Audiobook – Unabridged David Baldacci (Author),

I came late to this book, so obviously, with over 1,000 reviews already written, I’m hardly going to discuss the plot or the fact that no matter how much I think I can project the ending, Baldacci ALWAYS surprises me. No. What I am going to discuss in this review is John Puller, the "new" hero (I know he’s in another book now, which I have just ordered!) from this author. What I love most about Baldacci is that his heroes/heroines are honorable, good people. They are flawed, sometimes heavily flawed. They make mistakes. They second-guess themselves. They aren’t always right, which makes them so believable. I fell in love with John Puller almost immediately. He has a strong set of morals, he has integrity, he has skills that make one’s heart stop–but above all, he is still human. He can hurt. He can love fiercely and loyally. He has nightmares. He has doubts. And yet through it all, he is the kind of superhero that we all wish we knew. I wasn’t sure until the last page that Puller would survive this adventure, and I certainly did not expect the emotional twists and turns that came my way. Baldacci is so subtly skilled at weaving a plot that even people like me, who do not usually gravitate to "army superhero" types, become riveted. I LOVED this book, and hope that Puller remains in Baldacci’s lexicon. Check it out!

Zero Day Audiobook – Unabridged David Baldacci (Author), Review

The new book from David Baldacci “Zero Day” introduces us to a new hero, John Puller. Like in his other books David Baldacci the plot develops quickly and makes you root and care for the hero. He is a army Special Agent who prefers field work to advancement in the military ranks. He is called to investigate a case in rural area in West Virginia, and unravels a conspiracy that reaches well beyond the borders of West Virginia borders. The plot is fast-moving, enjoyable, and unpredictable. Just when you think you know what is happening Baldacci takes the story in a new direction. I got this book on a vacation day when I was supposed to do a slew of errands. .. however, I could not put the book down and wound up reading the book all day turning my chore day into a fantastic trip into imagination and adventure. The book ends in a way that makes you think we will be seeing this hero again, and I am looking forward to it. Ali Julia review————————–P.S. I “discovered” David Baldacci only about a year ago. My plan is to read all David Baldacci books, so I put this list together with all the books and which series they belong to, I hope someone else will find this list useful as well. David Baldacci book by publication yearAbsolute Power (1996)Total Control (1996)Winner, the (1997)Saving Faith (1999)Simple Truth, the (1999)Wish You Well (2000)Last Man Standing (2002)Christmas Train, the (2002)Split Second (2003) King&Maxwell seriesHour Game (2004) King&Maxwell seriesCamel Club, the (2005) Camel Club seriesFries Alive! (2005)Collectors, the (2006) Camel Club seriesMystery of Silas Finklebean, the (2006)Simple Genius (2007) King&Maxwell seriesStone Cold (2008) Camel Club seriesDivine Justice (2008) Camel Club seriesWhole truth (2008) Shaw&James seriesFirst Family (2009) King&Maxwell seriesTrue Blue (2009)Hell’s Corner (2010) Camel Club seriesDeliver us from eval (2010) King&Maxwell seriesThe Sixth Man (2011 King&Maxwell seriesOne Summer (2011)Zero Day (2011)Baldacci books by seriesSean King and Michelle Maxwell1 : Split Second (2003) by David Baldacci2 : Hour Game (2004) by David Baldacci3 : Simple Genius (2007) by David Baldacci4 : First Family (2009) by David Baldacci5 : The Sixth Man (2011) by David BaldacciCamel Club1 : Camel Club, the (2005) by David Baldacci2 : Collectors, the (2006) by David Baldacci3 : Stone Cold (2008) by David Baldacci4 : Divine Justice (2008) by David Baldacci5 : Hell’s corner (2010) by David BaldacciJohn Puller1 : Zero Day (2011)Shaw & James1 : Whole Truth, the (2008)2 : Deliver us from evil (2010)Freddy and the French Fries (Fiction’ Children & Young Adult’ Humorous Fiction)Fries Alive! (2005) by David BaldacciMystery of Silas Finklebean, the (2006) by David Baldacci -Read Reviews-

I received an offer in an email for some David Baldacci books through Kindle Unlimited. I never read any off his books before. I love Mystery & Suspence so I took a chance with an author I want sure if I would like or not. I chose Zero Day & Memory Man. Although John Puller is my favorite, I liked Amos Decker as well. I enjoy David Baldacci’s writing style, I love the character & the book kept a great pace. Usually I can figure out, right away, who the villain is and where the plot is going. I enjoyed not knowing, the suspense & being surprised. I also liked the mystery and the story. I like David Baldacci’s writing so much I bought the rest of the John Puller series, I couldn’t put them down! I am hoping for a new Puller book soon. I am also waiting for the 2nd Amos Decker to be released so I can purchase that. I am trying to figure out what David Baldacci series to try next. I am a 42 year old female, but I found out my parents really like Baldacci books when I was telling my mom about these new books I have been buying. I think my boys, 22 & 19, would really like them as well.

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