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Your Personal Best Workout [VHS]

I bought this when it originally came out in the 90’s and have loved it ever since. My poor VHS tape finally bit the dust so I turned to Amazon for help. Unfortunately it doesn’t come on DVD but I found a new VHS tape anyway. I’m currently recording it with my digital camera to put it on a DVD-R just in case I kill this tape too! I absolutely LOVE this workout video. I keep returning to it every year because I love the moves, the music, Karen. . .EVERYTHING! I’ve seen it so many times that I even say all of Elle’s attempts at humor and wit right along with her. (Huge nerd) I recommend this video for anyone who still has a VCR or who has the time to convert it to DVD! It’s a keeper!! Check it out!

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Your Personal Best Workout [VHS] Review


excellent workout tape, just wish it was in DVD -Read Reviews-

This is by far my favorite work out tape ever and when I say ever I mean I have had this as part of my collection for about a decade now. The workout has three areobic sections and three strength training sections that work all areas of your body. It is not grueling or repetitious, instead you go through various moves that are easy to follow yet change enough that you don’t get bored. I have noticed a visible difference in my muscle tone due to this workout. This is one of the only exercise tapes I use but I also watch my diet and exercise in other ways to suppliment my workouts, but I think you would still be able to see great results from this tape alone.

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