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Young, Gifted and Black

Yes. .I have all the hits too. .Even the live stuff. BUT this is aretha at her best. Here she is being very creative and exploring her possibilities as a mature artist. Its easy for her to write a hit. .We can see that but here she is playing the piano where we can hear her. ..really a very strong musician. When she plays that jazzy bridge on “Brand new me” she takes her time and has a great time. I have played that cut a million times. Here she is telling her own story “All the Kings Horses” -about a love found and lost. .First snow in Kokamo (sp?) is just very poetic. Every song is great. I think at this time, she couldnt produce bad work. On “Rareties” one of the best cuts, “My cup runneth over” was meant to be on this cd but got cut. What a mistake! Anyway, forget the hits for a minute and meet the mature artist challenging herself and totally succeeding. . Check it out!

Product Description For many, her greatest album from start to finish, with Rock Steady one highlight among many. Like its predecessor, Spirit in the Dark, 1972’s Young, Gifted and Black found Aretha moving with soul music’s elite into a progressive phase that opened up the emotional content of her work even further. “All the King’s Horses” mourns the death of her first marriage, while “Day Dreaming” and “A Brand New Me” point toward what we’d now call “healing.” Two stabs at social comment, Nina Simone’s title cut and, intriguingly, Elton John’s “Border Song,” round out this impressive portrait. –Rickey Wright




Young, Gifted and Black Review


I remember when this album was first released. I liked it then but I love it now. Aretha makes getting a message across seem effortless. For instance, a song like Kokomo which on the surface doesn’t seem to have much meaning but just listen to the story and the instrumental expression. ..makes you wonder if its the real life story of members of her band. -Read Reviews-

Not as well known as some of her other recordings but this his her at her absolute best.

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