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Yerba Montana Pure Leaf Grade Yerba Mate

This is the best Yerba around. The quality is superb. This is smooth and the taste is consistent. This is my tenth bag. I’ve tried em all and this is the best. Check it out!

Yerba mate is a plant found in parts of the south American rain forest. It was discovered centuries ago by native people there. Passed down in legend as a gift from the gods, its use has continued to grow from its traditional origins due to its nutritious qualities and energizing effects. More caffeine and antioxidants than tearless acidic than coffeeb-vitaminsminerals. Potassium, calcium, iron, niacin, manganese, magnesium most people who drink yerba mate enjoy the clear and uplifting energy it offers without feeling jittery or more tired after the effects wear off.

Yerba Montana Pure Leaf Grade Yerba Mate Review

Has a slightly smoky taste I am learning to like. ..a lot. -Read Reviews-

Please believe them when they say you need a french press to brew this. It’s very finely cut. I believe this cut is known as gaucho. I prefer traditional and I believe this company also makes a traditional, which is the one I will buy if I purchase again. Otherwise, it’s a nice mate.

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