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Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle, Storm Grey (500GB)

Okay. Let’s get the bad out of the way. The console is actually a light grey color. It looks dark in pics but in reality, it’s much lighter. Still looks better in my entertainment center than the other options but still a little disappointing. Second, it only comes with a 500gb HDD (of which only about 375gb is allowed for personal use). It’s not a dealbreaker since the Xbox One it replaced also had a 500gb HDD. In this day and age, that’s totally unacceptable. Anyway, I just took the 2tb HDD off of that one and popped it onto the new one. Everything transferred over without a hitch. Game on. Now, for the Pros. This console runs everything a little better. My old games look sharper on my 4K HDR set. Menus, etc, run a tad smoother. A little faster. Games seem to download faster. The controller feels a bit better, and it was already great. There was a download code for Battlefield 1 which, if that’s your cup of tea, a phenomenal game. Also, there is a free month of EA Access so you can download maybe 30 or so games and play until your heart is content. Now, if only the box it came in didn’t look like somebody played soccer with it. Check it out!

Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle, Storm Grey (500GB)

Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle, Storm Grey (500GB) Review

Well worth upgrading from Xbox 360, this thing does absolutely everything and the picture and sound is flawless. It’s a totally different gaming experience than with the 360. Also very quiet while running. -Read Reviews-

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Awesome! I Noticed decreased load times and it looks quite a bit better through the included cable plugged into the 60 Hz port in comparison to the Xbone with either its HDMI cable, or the One S cable in the same port! Also couldn’t believe how much smaller it looks and sturdier it feels in comparison, I have two Xbox Ones and the One S, and for someone who "room hops", not only being smaller then it’s predecessor, the internal power supply eliminating the need for the power brick on the cord makes it super manageable to move around. Bonus: It eliminates having to worry about dropping the brick and catching the cord out of habit causing it to free swing and hit you dead center in the ball of your ankle. . We’ve all been there. ….. Don’t lie to yourself. #5stars

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