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Wreck This Journal (Paper bag) Expanded Ed. Paperback 4.8 out of 5 stars

Bought this for the Mr. to help him get back in touch with his creativity. After a few days he declared that he didn’t like it, citing that it had childish prompts and felt silly. So, I took over the book and gotta say that I love it. Yes, some of the prompts are childish in nature, like stapling pages together and drawing with foreign materials, however that’s sort of the point. As children we are able to draw, paint, and create without censoring or second guessing. In our minds everything we make is wonderful, beautiful, and cool. It is only through the critique of others that we begin to criticize ourselves. Using this book we adults are able to got back to that childlike freedom and curiosity, and allow ourselves to create without restriction. Check it out!

Review Praise for Wreck This Journal“Wreck This Journal encourages you to stop fretting about quality and start relishing the artistic process.” — “I love this book and the playful way that Keri Smith teaches people the act of creating by putting you right on the spot. Wreck This Journal is a fun, interactive book that you will want to work in every day. To create is to destroy, and this book delivers.” —D*I*Y Planner“No matter where you start or where you end, there’s always something interesting to do. . . . The book is an exploration into creativity.” —Buffalo News“The ideal gift for artistic minded people, or not, for that matter, as what I love about this book is that there is no right or wrong. Neat, messy, colorful, dark, you can wreck however you want.” —Hawwa, etc.“I’ve kept journals before, but have never written in them as frequently as I write in my Wreck This Journal. It is great for inspiration; it gives you tasks that are thought-provoking rather than pages of endless blank lines. It is a great way to pass the time and a great gift for anyone, no matter how young or old.” —Teen Ink“Wreck this Journal makes a great gift for someone who’s going through a stressful time, needs a form of release, or anyone who could use a few minutes of fun.” —Jactionary“Wreck This Journal encourages you to experiment and have fun. . . . Flip to any page in the book and you will find a prompt: fun prompts, destructive prompts, creative prompts to help your creative juices flow.” —Craft Critique“Calling all bookworms and creative doodlers, Wreck This Journal is the perfect book to spruce up your summer. . . . It’s a wonderful stress reliever and brings out the inner childish behavior we are so often told to get over. You won’t be disappointed.” —Kristine Marie Babauta, Marianas VarietyPraise for Keri Smith“Keri Smith may well be the self-help guru this DIY generation deserves.” —The Believer“A conceptual artist and author luring kids into questioning the world and appreciating every smell, texture and mystery in it.” —TIME Magazine  –This text refers to the Diary edition.

Wreck This Journal (Paper bag) Expanded Ed. Paperback 4.8 out of 5 stars Review

This book both gives me anxiety and relives it in a childlike way. I’m an avid reader and my books are my prizes possessions. So when the first page told me to crack the spine, I nearly cried as I bent the book in half backward. But when I heard that spine crack it was like my shell cracked and I was free from the chains of all of my books. Somewhere in the book you will find a page that tells you to attach a string to the spine of the book and swing wildly. I recommend clearing the room of all living creatures and breakables. I think my little sister might still have a bump. But otherwise, this book was a fantastic experience and I recomend it for all ages. I am 24 and this is a fantastic stress reliever. -Read Reviews-

What an awesome journal/book. I bought this for my ten year old daughter who HAD to have it. I wish I would have had one of these when I was that age. She loves her journals and loves drawing; this is the best of both worlds. Super super cute! The quality of the actual paper backing cover is very nice and durable, almost like vinyl – maybe it is, I don’t know – but it’s coated. Every girl should have one of these – I think it would really help with sorting out and managing their feelings. I love how it’s not just blank pages, but gives you ideas to write about and let out your feelings. There’s a cute first page where you write your name, address and phone number. The next page is almost an instructional page. The third is a humorous list of materials you’ll need for this journal. There are many pages – but I can see her filling it up fairly fast. I hope there’s a sequel to this journal 🙂 I highly recommend this to anyone with a daughter, niece, granddaughter, etc. or for anyone that has NO idea what to buy a little girl for their birthday or Christmas – THIS IS THE GIFT I PROMISE!

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