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Worms 2 (Jewel Case) – PC Review


Worms 2, despite the many entries in Team 17’s action-strategy series, remains my favorite. It’s highly accessible, has excellent cartoon graphics, and quirky, but enjoyable audio. For those not hip to Worms 2, the game goes a little something like this: You control a squad of worms in turn-based, multiplayer combat. The goal? Eradicate all other worms teams using wacky weapons like rocket launchers and er, sheep. It’s chaotically fun, and even when you lose you can still have a blast thanks to the hilarious death animations. Buy it! -Read Reviews-

Worms2 and all of the worms games for that matter are awesome!!! Although Worms2 is I think better because of the things to do for example you can Create weapon schemes,make your own custom made terran,and decide on your own options. Worms2 also has awesome sounds you can make your worms New Yorker or Australlian Redneck or Wacky. The sequels to Worms2 just don’t match up like WormsArmageddan ya it might have better graphics but it losses all the options from Worms2. If you like Blow em up action mixed with a bit of strategy or you find it amussing to watch little worms walk across the screen and lauch homing missles and Air Strikes at each other than this is the game for you!!! On top of that you can play a multiplayer game with up to six players over local area and eighteen players over the Internet!!! And if you don’t like multiplayer there is singer player mission games also!!! (although I think that the last mission is almost impossible to beat)(by the way the password for the last mission is are you tired of hearing me talk??? Just buy this game!. .. That’s all you need to KNOW!. ..

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