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World Series Baseball 2K1

First off, let me say what was fun about the game. The day my package arrived, and I took the wrapping off. That though, was where the fun ended. I found this game to be absolutely horrible. As others have also written, who in the world thought of putting auto-defense into this game. If I don’t want to control the players in my game, I’ll turn on the TV and watch the Cubs. The auto-defense doesn’t even seem to work a descent amount of the time anyway. I’ve watched my centerfielder sit there for quite a while pondering the thought if he wants to move to catch the ball, and guess what?, most of the time he decides not to catch the ball. This game also appears to be stuck with a terribly chopping frame rate. I’ve watched my runner on third run home, and when there is a play at the plate the game goes into slow-motion. I don’t know if this is supposed to be some sort of graphic effect, but whatever it is, it’s not good. The batting is a unique new way to play, but it is not really to my liking. Base-running is oftly difficult to control too, the analog control stick is not the greatest for this feature. I feel I have wasted my [$] on this game, and I don’t suggest others do the same. I will either be putting my game on [auction] soon, or [trading it] for a copy of Virtua Tennis. Sorry Sega, graphics do not make a game, I want to actually be able to play my game. Overall, D+! Check it out!

Product Description What better way to pass the time than with the national pastime? Thanks to World Series Baseball 2K1, you can bring home the whole year’s worth of Major League Baseball–from the earliest spring exhibition game to the last dramatic out of the fall classic. The game features everything it should: updated 2000 MLB rosters and stats for all National League and American League teams; all the parks, including San Francisco’s new Pacific Bell Park and Seattle’s Safeco Field; and all the management functionality needed to replace a tired pitcher or send in a left-handed pinch hitter. And World Series Baseball 2K1 raises the bar for baseball games in several ways. The Dreamcast’s graphics abilities allow for finely detailed 3-D models of the players and stadiums as well as realistic weather and lighting effects. The game cribs some of baseball’s most recognizable batting and pitching signatures, so you can expect to see Gary Sheffield’s manically waving bat and Hideo Nomo’s tornadolike delivery. As if that doesn’t make the game real enough, these players even sustain realistic injuries. Also, you can use a TV-style hot-zone chart to track a batter’s ability to connect in different corners of the strike zone–indispensable when choosing your next pitch from a palette of 32 variations on fastballs, breaking balls, and knuckleballs. And to make sure your opponent doesn’t steal your signs, you can make your pitch selections through the separately sold Visual Memory Unit. Sega has had great success with its previous sports titles for the Dreamcast, so everyone was waiting for them to hit one out of the park with the release of World Series Baseball 2K1. In many ways they have, but the game suffers from enough bugs and has so few options that true baseball fans will be crying foul. Stadiums and players are rendered in glorious high-resolution detail, to the point where it’s easy to recognize a player by looking at his face. Similarly, most of the animations look terrific–especially diving catches and quick across-the-body throws. We also enjoyed the pitching and batting interface, which is more complex than that found in most baseball games but becomes a lot of fun after a little practice. Unfortunately, the game is all downhill from there. Once a ball is hit, players are forced to sit and watch the computer field it. The lack of control is absolutely infuriating, especially since Sega hyped this game’s realism from the beginning of its development. The crowd sounds are anemic and there is no color commentary, which is just as well considering how terrible the play-by-play announcer is. If you really love baseball, you’ll really hate World Series Baseball 2K1. For casual fans who prefer flashy graphics and a fun pitching/batting contest to thorough stat tracking and the ability to field the ball, this game is a home run. –T. Byrl Baker Pros: Gorgeous stadiums Nice TV-like presentation Cons: No fielding Stuttering animations Lacks fun extras




World Series Baseball 2K1 Review


Great game, just like I remember it from back in the day. -Read Reviews-

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I love the potential of this game, when I first played it, it looked so cool. But was so mad that u can’t play defense and each throw was so slow. …I wish they just improved it a little cause the look was great and pitching was fun.

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