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I’ve been around high end bikes all of my life and I can quickly tell the difference in hurried production garbage and a bike that was made with care and concern for quality! I love all the thought and detail that went into the design of this bike! The bike is light (as it should be for small kids) and the pneumatic tires ARE A MUST! PARENTS do not be fooled into thinking about convenience versus what will be more enjoyable for your kid! Stay away from airless tires, these roll so much better and you child will enjoy them more in the log run I promise you! The bike cost a bit more than some others, but again are you looking for quality product or one that is cheaper and designed more for speed of production purposes versus your child’s enjoyment! I also purchased Woom’s wooden bike stand. Its an unbeatable price and a must to keep from having to lay the bike down everywhere. We currently keep it indoors next to front door so Dylan can grab and go! Check it out!

The woom 1 is the ideal partner to introduce your young child to the concept of riding two wheels. Due to the extremely low entry and the high cockpit, our little ones can enjoy the ride as soon as they can start walking – without training wheels.

WOOM BIKES USA Balance Bike Review

The Woom 1 was top pick on many different sites, and this balance bike did not disappoint. It was a gut wrenching decision as there are many low cost alternates that were equally well rated. But for our little nugget (who’s on the small side) it was also one of the few options available. The key decision points were the inflatable rubber tires and a small sized brake lever (just like an adult’s bike). I heard many gripes about the solid foam tires but the Woom is one of the lightest balance bikes out there. The pneumatic tires really cushion bumpy sidewalks and overall, this is the slickest looking balance bikes for toddlers. Our girl loves it so much, she rides around the house as well. Absolutely there was sticker shock but you get what you pay for and this is one quality product. I recommend this whole-heartedly and it’s one of the best purchases ever for our munchkin. -Read Reviews-

balance bike for ages 18 mths-4 years or height 32″-39″ – geometry designed with the youngest rider in mind

Lightweight AL-6061 aluminum tubes and optimized for simple balancing, which is supported by an upright seating position and a steering lock limiter

High quality and light weight frame and components: only 7lb 15oz (3.6kg) overall weight; geometry designed with the youngest rider in mind

Hand brake – easy to use small hands reach high quality v-brakes enable easy and effortless braking. Teaches braking at an Early Age

The Super lightweight 12 inch WOOM-SOOPA-DOOPA-HOOPS alloy rims and industrial bearings hubs are connected with stainless steel spokes

Yes it’s expensive, but it is worth every penny! I bought this for my daughter’s third birthday (March 2016). She mastered it in a few months. Last week, I ordered her the slightly larger pedal-version WOOM 2 with the free-wheeling kit. After three days, she can now confidently ride a pedal bike (without training wheels). Oh, did I mention she is 3 years old!? She flies down the driveway and sidewalks; it really is amazing. I don’t know what magical voodoo WOOM puts into their products, but they have developed a system that blows away the old training wheel method. I think a lot of what makes the Woom 1 and 2 so easy and comfortable for little ones is their weight. Compared to other balance bikes and pedal bikes, the Wooms are feather light. My daughter doesn’t even break 30 pounds, so having a lightweight bike was necessary for her. I know Woom products come with a hefty price tag, but I unequivocally recommend their products for new, aspiring riders. Don’t waste your time and money with heavy, cheap, bikes with training wheels. Get your child on a balance bike, then go straight to pedals!

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