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I have been using the Withings Activite Steel for 2 weeks. While I was really excited to get this, especially as a Lightning Deal, and I really WANT to like it, it’s just "okay". APPEARANCE AND BUILDThe watch looks classy, and notice I call it a watch? It truly looks like a normal watch, people are amazed when I tell them it is an activity and sleep tracker. The steel case has held up well, I don’t have any scratches or nicks(yet). Same with the glass. I have rubbed/bumped it against door frames when moving furniture and worn it while working outside(horse ranch), so I didn’t expect it to survive the first two weeks how it did. There literally isn’t a mark on it yet. I had planned on replacing the silicon band with a steel or leather watch band, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet and the silicon band has kind of grown on me. It stays relatively clean, washes easy(even dried paint on it), and dries fast. FUNCTIONThis is where it is just okay for me. I was shocked when my first few days didn’t count many steps. Granted, a lot of my steps I am carrying items- so my arms don’t swing free. But other activity trackers have managed to still be fairly accurate. I compared this to the built in iOS Health app(which isn’t very accurate) and this consistently counted 20-40% less steps! Call me a baby, but I felt cheated on my daily steps. I contacted Withings about it and they had me perform a hard test of syncing, walking exactly 50 steps, then syncing again and reporting to them how many steps it counted. Well, it only counted 40/50 steps. That’s exactly 20% off! Their response- "It appears that you [sic] watch is properly counting steps. " SERIOUSLY?!?! Twenty percent off is within their standards?The sleep tracking function is also just okay. It is strictly movement based. The minute I hit the pillow and my arm is stationary- I am in "light sleep". It normally takes me about 30-60 minutes to fall asleep, but I lay still. I don’t expect this level of sleep tracker to notice that, but I know some others do if they track heart rate and perspiration. The alarm function needs improvement, and everyone has been asking for it. You can only set one alarm- PERIOD. You can specify which days of the week it goes off, but that is it. You cannot set a weekday alarm for 6:00 AM and a weekend alarm for 8:00AM, you would have to modify your one alarm each time you want to change the wake up time. This seems to me it would be a simple fix in the app, but it has yet to come in the updates. Also, the alarm vibrates a predetermined number of times then STOPS. There are no options to have it snooze or vibrate later if you don’t go into the app to tell it you are awake. I am a deep sleeper, I have slept through the vibrating, but I always have other alarms on my phone since I knew this going in. Also, it has never woken me up at any other time except the exact time I tell it to. It is supposed to wake you during light sleep(I set it for within an hour of my wake up time). I have had light sleep in that period but it has not taken advantage of it. I have even woken up before the alarm and thought "I wonder if it will vibrate since I am awake. .. (roll over) . ..nope, I guess not". So, overall, I’m undecided if I will keep this. It might be going back to Amazon as right now it is just a fancy looking watch. I can’t rely on the steps, or sleep, but the alarm has potential. The fact that Withings’ goal is less than 80% accuracy doesn’t convince me to hang around and see if the bugs are worked out. Check it out!

Withings Activite Steel Health Tracker Watch. Embrace healthy habits, complement your style. Activity tracker automatically monitors walking, running and even swimming (5 ATM water resistance) Turn fitness into a game with the Health Mate App–challenge friends, collect badges and keep yourself motivated Sleep tracker monitors light/deep sleep stages, how many times you wake up and total sleep duration Silent alarm vibrates to gently wake you up Data automatically syncs to the Health Mate App via Bluetooth wireless technology Automatically syncs with your smartphone so you never have to set the time Never needs charging–standard button cell battery lasts up to 8 months 316L stainless steel case, chrome hands and double-domed glass for strength, clarity and a timeless look Soft silicone sport strap for ultimate comfort and versatility Timeless look. Latest technology. Featuring the latest tech and a timeless design, Activite Steel helps you embrace healthy habits while complementing your look. With its sleek, sophisticated look, Activite Steel will match anyone’s style, and its comfortable, lightweight design means you’ll never want to take it off… and you never have to! Unlike other activity trackers, Activite Steel uses a standard CR2025 watch battery that lasts up to 8 months, so you don’t have to worry about charging it every few days. It’s also water resistant so you can shower, swim, and jump in puddles without worrying. With its patented Connected MovementTM Technology, Activite Steel automatically knows when you’re running or swimming and logs it in the Health Mate App for you so you can check out the full details of your workout later. The app acts as a pocket-sized coach and encourages you to make healthy choices. You can also use the app to challenge your friends, earn badges and work your way up the leaderboard. Then, at the end of the day, Activite Steel will keep track of your sleep and show you your light and deep sleep stages, the number

Withings Activité Steel – Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch – Review

Here are my initial thoughts after owning this for 11 days now. First, I want to start by stating that I have owned an Apple Watch Sport for a year now. While I have had fun with it for the past year, but the novelty has worn off for me. For starters it is bulk, heavy, not really that great looking, and just seems to constantly interrupt my life with notifications and information. I was eyeing the Activite Pop when the Apple Watch was announced, but decided against it. So, as I grew tired of my Apple Watch, I turned back to Withings and saw they released the Steel and decided to give it a try. I have to say that this thing looks really sleek and stylish. I actually like it more than the Apple Watch as far as form goes. The round dial, simple minimalistic markings, and steel case and hands make this look very nice. If you pair this with a nice leather strap it really makes it look great. This leads me to the included watch band/strap. First, the thing is cheap as heck. For $170, they could include a much nicer band. The material is very cheap and uncomfortable. I used to think that Apple’s fluoroelastomer was a joke, but there is a huge difference in comfort between the materials. Even the buckle and loop are crappy, with sharp edges that kept catching on things or stabbing me. The first thing you will want to do is buy some replacement straps. The only style element that I am not pleased with is the 18mm strap width. It is obvious that Withings was trying to strike a balance between male and female sizing and decided to try and strike a balance. The end result is that watch bands are not quite as easy to find at this size, most are female oriented, and on a thicker wrist the watch band looks just a bit too dainty for my taste. I would prefer a 20mm or 22mm strap width for my wrist, so I wish they made this in two different sizes. As for performance, the watch seems to measure steps relatively accurately. I state relatively as I seem to log about 40-100 steps while I am sleeping, so it is not the most accurate. My Fitbit would always show less than 10 and I charged my Apple Watch at night (since it doesn’t do sleep tracking), so I can’t speak to how it compares in this regard. As for sleep tracking, well this is a complete joke. Out of the 11 nights I have slept with the watch on, it has only tracked sleep 5 nights. This is less than 50% of the time that it has accurately identified that I actually slept. Out of the 5 nights it said I slept, 3 of them it said I slept less than 4 hours (which is about 3-6 hours off depending on the night). Only 1 night (the first night oddly enough) did it actually log my sleep correctly. So as far as I am concerned, it has tracked my sleep accurately 9% of the time I have owned it. Because of this poor performance, I opened a support case with Withings and it was closed the following day without anyone contacting me. I replied to that email and never heard back. I then opened a second ticket and had not heard back as of 7 days later. I also opened up 3 other tickets about other questions and issues and have yet to hear back on those after 8 days. I just reached out to them on Twitter to see if that helps, but as far as I am concerned anything over a 1-2 day response time for a $170 product is pretty bad customer service. The app seems to be syncing periodically in the background, but I try to open it a few times a day to make sure it keeps things synced up. That was definitely a nice feature of the Apple Watch, never having to worry about the steps syncing. The app syncs steps and sleep activity with the Health app in iOS. One odd thing I notice is that sometimes the time shown under my step count is a couple hours in the past, even though the app claims to have synced everything up to the current moment. I was disappointed to see that you can only log weight automatically if you have the Withings scale and to log calories you have to use MyFitnessPal. The app does not read from Health, so if you use other apps or devices it will not sync back to the Health Mate app. For example, I log my food using LoseIt and I have the Fitbit Aria scale. I have to manually log my weight in the Withings app (even though MyFitnessPal is synced with my scale) or I can go and buy another $100 WiFi scale, which seems ridiculous to me. I don’t know if I want to abandon all my food logging history by switching apps, so I haven’t yet made the move. In the end, I haven’t decided if I am going to keep the watch. Part of me is frustrated with the support experience and this is making me question if I should keep it. The app itself could use several improvements and the lack of support for LoseIt and Fitbit Aria (or an API to load these data points) is also pretty annoying to me and has created a disconnected experience for me as a user. Lastly, the lack of accurate sleep tracking is another issue for me. Basically, if I keep it, then ii is most likely due to style and not function. -Read Reviews-

Activity tracking: steps, distance, swim, running and calories burned

Sleep monitoring: sleep cycle analysis (light and deep sleep) silent alarm to start your day with a gentle wake-up vibration

Free health mate app for real-time coaching.With a battery that goes the distance and 9 looks to choose from, Activit Steel helps you get fit with a look that fits your personality.

This watch has a 316L stainless steel case, chrome hands and a soft silicone sport strap.

Please refer user manual attached below for instructions and troubleshooting steps

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