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Winston's Potty Chair [VHS]

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Product description Winston’s Potty Chair [VHS] (1991) Winston’s Potty Chair Training From the Back Cover This 28-minute video was produced in cooperation with the American Medical Association to help children and their parents understand the toilet training process. A charming colorful cartoon gives boys and girls an opportunity to learn about toilet training and become “big kids” like Molly and Winston. We encourage parents to watch the cartoon with their child. Following the cartoon, two distinguished doctors answer parents’ most common questions relating to potty training. Kathleen G. Nelson, M.D. Professor of Pediatrics at a leading Southeastern medical school. Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatrics. Bruce B. Dan, M.D. Senior Contributing Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association. Medical Editor, American Medical Television.




Winston’s Potty Chair [VHS] Review


The plot of the story is, of course, Winston’s learning to use the potty chair. (There is a girl named Molly, but the emphasis is on Winston. ) In the story, unlike real life (lol), Winston asks his mommy how long he will have to use diapers. Mom smiles and assures him that he will be free of them soon. Mom and Dad then surprise him with a potty chair. At first, Winston has no idea what it is and his imagination goes wild. He imagines the chair taking him to all sorts of exotic places, engaging in all sorts of adventures. He even wears the potty on his head for awhile, before Dad corrects him and shows him how to use the potty properly. All throughout the story, `being a big kid’ is emphasized, which might be motivational for some children. I got this video from the library, along with two others. None of them worked with our recalcitrant 3 year old. (Oh well-just a question of time I suppose (LOL))Three Stars. The tape is a little short and didn’t work for us. Still, I think you need to read all the reviews to see if you think it would work for you. Certainly other reviewers claim it worked for them. Also, other reviewers have noted that the production quality is not overly professional, but from what I gather from my children that’s not really a drawback. Children are just not that critical. -Read Reviews-

I was hoping to find a helpfull video to get the point across and this isn’t going to be it. The story is cute and harmless enough but it is too short. It would be better for a Boy, although it has both boy and girl lead charactors. The story was real short. .. deffinatly not as long as the Parent’s section at the end. IT does have interviews with 2 pediatritians to help the parent. The pediatritians have very basic information that you’ll hear almost everywhere. They do focus largly on Boy potty training. Unfortunatly, it isn’t very catchy or use much detail. The story line is basically that Winston mentions he recognises that he’s wet and wants to know if he’ll always use a Diaper, he’s told he will someday be a "big Boy" like the rest of his family. Winston then goes to the playground, talks with his neighbor and she mentions she’s learning to potty too. She "learns" first (or is successfull at making something in the potty) and is given "pretty panties". Then Winston does it. Then it has a moment clip about how they are away from hom and have to use a different potty. Covers one accident with Parent being OK with him making a puddle. Doesn’t get into much detail about hte process of using hte potty or about how to ask for help. That was a main point I was hoping for. .. getting my girl to ask for help un/dressing and/or telling me before she goes.

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