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Winner Take All (John Rain Series) Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged by Barry Eisler (Author, Reader)

After I read the first book in (Rain Fall) this series I have become an enthusiastic fan of the Assassin for hire John Rain. I like to read a series in the order they were published in order to better understand and follow future novels. I just completed (Rain Storm by Barry Eisler) the third book in this popular series and like the previous two books I loved this action packed novel. This 335 page hardcover novel begins where the second book ends. John Rain is again hired to eliminate Belghazi but to make it look like a natural death, which is Rains specialty. In the meantime, however, there seems to be some competition to Kill Belghazi by some guy Rain calls karate. He named this guy Karate because the guy liked to show off his kata skills in public. If karate gets to Belghazi before Rain can do his special thing, there will be no payment. Rain is going to make sure and winds up taking karate out. There are numerous twists and turns and a whole lot of interesting characters to make this book move at a steady pace. John Rain keeps trying to start a new life under a new name and identity but keeps being contacted by those who appreciate his special skills and are willing to pay big bucks for them. If you are a John Rain fan you should check out this third book in the series. Rating: 5 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Tactical Principles of the most effective combative systems). Check it out!

From Publishers Weekly Eisler adds a fine new entry to his standout series starring freelance assassin John Rain, who tracks quarry across the Asian capitals of the Pacific Rim. In the third installment (following last year’s Hard Rain), Rain is lured out of self-imposed exile in Brazil, where he had hoped to find shelter from the killing business, when his old employer, the CIA, dangles $200,000 his way for the elimination of an Arab arms supplier known only as Belghazi. Rain takes the job, promising himself it will be his last, and travels to Macao, a Portuguese peninsula and islands off the coast of China, to begin tracking Belghazi. But Rain, a meticulous hit man equipped with all the latest gadgetry, hardly hits town before he discovers that not only is another assassin stalking Belghazi but somebody is stalking Rain himself. Rain, who specializes in fatal neck-snapping wrestling holds, makes quick work of all the intruders, but Belghazi, aided by a beautiful woman named Delilah (who knows a lot about killing too), eludes him. The action shifts back and forth between Macao, Hong Kong and Tokyo, each setting rendered in intimately warm detail, before catapulting to a chilling finale in which Rain narrowly escapes bleeding to death on a shipping dock. Along the way, the usually detached hero shows a new dimension—the possible seeds of a fascinating friendship with a fellow hit man, a life-of-the-party type named Dox. The two complement each other like black and white. Yet what truly sets Eisler’s series apart is its near total absence of formula and stereotype. Rain is a wholly original, cliché-free character operating in a world created only for him, serving as both his folly and his foil. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Winner Take All (John Rain Series) Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged by Barry Eisler (Author, Reader) Review

John Rain goes to Macao. As in *Clean Kill in Tokyo*, *Winner Take All* was meticulously researched by Barry Eisler. John Rain’s target? A man by the name of Belghazi. Before he went to Macao, Rain goes to Las Vegas to learn all about games of chance. Knowing that his target is addicted to gambling, he takes the time to learn how to play Baccarat and other games, so that he can get close to him. He goes to Macao three weeks before and scopes out the hotels and casinos that his target is likely to frequent. Rain goes to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Macao with Keiko, a Japanese escort girl that he hires for his cover as an older Japanese gambler with a young mistress. At the hotel, he encounters another assassin perhaps with the same target. In the meantime, Belhazi shows up with a beautiful woman companion. How does Rain get close and kill his target? This is of course the foundation of the John Rain novels, the tension of the kill. The story shifts into retrospective mode, back to how the CIA (tongue-in-cheek nicknamed Christians in Action) contacts him and hires him for this mission. We find that John Rain had escaped from Japan to Brazil, where he makes himself as anonymous as possible. Not trusting in anybody, he goes from Sao Paulo to Rio, leaving false trails to make sure that nobody can find him and he would know if anybody tried. Then, one day, he encounters an old colleague from Afghanistan days and the offer of the job with the CIA. Throughout the novel, you can witness the meticulous work that Eisler did for the book. He knew how many entrances the Lisboa casino has, where one can fight and kill somebody at the ferry terminal, that a Citibank branch is near the MTR station next to the Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong, and the fact that HK$50,000 was over the limit of cash withdrawal for Citibank. You can’t know this kind of information without going there and doing it. Most people wouldn’t notice such details but a former CIA operative would. The conversations were remarkably written. Eisler not only has a keen ear for the American idiom but for Japanese idioms as well. Occasionally, he has the protagonist comment about the idioms. For example, a character says, “I’ll level with you. ..” and Rain responds that he doesn’t like this quip because it suggests that the person was bull-s***ting before. He knows what he can and cannot do. For example, he does not try to fake conversations in Portuguese or Arabic. The fight choreography was based on authentic knowledge. The author description at the end of the book pointed out that Barry Eisler earned his blackbelt in the Kokodan International Judo Center in Japan. The acknowledgements thanked many expert fighters, including Savate and advanced sniper practice. Finally, the premise of America selling its soul for Saudi crude rang true. This is a very enjoyable book and hard to put down. The John Rain novels are also so well edited that you can read them out of sequence. -Read Reviews-

The story starts right out of the gate in chapter one which is how I like books to start. But, in the middle of the story about Rain’s mission, it goes back in time without any clear warning. I wasn’t sure if his mission was aborted or what. Then, finally, I realized that the author was providing the background story about Rain before he accepted the mission. Then, the story returns to the current and the mission at hand. The story was pretty good but it wasn’t one of those where you couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next. I think I like the main character. I decided that I will read another book in this series to see if I can get into it. If you like the government assassin type of book, give this a read. The story line is pretty straight-forward with only the typical complexity brought on by the involvement of multiple government agencies.

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