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Wickedly Prime Salted Cocoa Truffle Spread with Natural Caramel Flavor, 13.2oz (Pack of 2)

Decent flavor but much too salty. Cut down on the salt and it would be a pretty good spread. It’s no Nutella! Check it out!

Wickedly Prime Salted Cocoa Truffle Spread with Natural Caramel Flavor, 13.2oz (Pack of 2) Review

I was thrilled to try this Salted Cocoa Truffle Spread from Amazon’s Wickedly Prime (with the awesome logo). We are big fans of dessert-type spreads like this in our house and go through plenty of jars of hazelnut spread and chocolate peanut butter year after year. While this looked like Nutella, with that smooth and slightly oily consistency, this spread has its own unique taste that is both rich and subtle. First, the caramel flavor is very pronounced. It was the first thing to hit my tongue, and caramel is by far the flavor which lingered the longest. If you do not like the taste of caramel, go with the plain truffle spread. Beyond that, that chocolate truffle taste is decadent but not sweet enough to overpower me after a couple of bites. The slight saltiness really helped cut the sweetness and gave this spread a more complex flavor profile than I had anticipated. It was a winner for me, as one of the best dessert spreads I’ve tasted (a notch higher than classic, beloved Nutella, if I am being honest). How did it fare with the rest of the household? We sampled this with strawberries, leftover holiday shortbread cookies, and warmed and drizzled over plain vanilla ice cream. My kids, ages eight and four, loved this in any and every form, as I expected they would. My children rarely turn down chocolatey spreads, and even though I thought the slight saltiness and darker chocolate flavor might be stranger to them than their usual chocolate peanut butter, both gave this enthusiastic thumbs up. My spouse, however, did not like this, saying that the caramel was "too much" and tasted "artificial" (even though it’s all natural). So three out of four in our house really enjoyed this. As far as nutrition, this is, of course, a dessert spread with "truffle" in the name and sugar and vegetable oil listed as the top ingredients. Still, it’s comparable in calories, fat, and sugar to Nutella with the same minimal amounts of calcium and protein. Thankfully, there are no hydrogenated oils (trans fat) to be found, which is excellent. We’ll enjoy this in moderation. Recommended. -Read Reviews-

The salt in this chocolate spread helps balance the very sweet taste of the product. The caramel flavor is noticeable but although natural caramel flavor is used it has a slightly unnatural taste. The two adults in the household noticed that for some reason the taste improved after the first bite. Nearly perfect as a dip with tart granny smith apple slices with the tartness a counterpoint to the sweetness, it was also good on simple wheat crackers. Also good lightly added to peanut butter in place of jam on bread/toast. Perhaps the best pairing was spread inside a warm dessert crepe where it was melty and quite delicious. A nutritional label comparison between Nutella (N) and Wickedly Prime (WP) for the same two tablespoon serving, N has 200 calories, 12 grams fat (4 saturated) 23 grams carbohydrates, 2 grams protein 1 gram fiber, 21 grams sugar and 15mg sodium while WP has 210 calories, 14 grams fat (3 grams saturated), 21 grams carbohydrates, 2 grams protein, 2 grams fiber, 18 grams sugar and 135mg sodium. The biggest difference is not surprising this salted caramel variety has a higher sodium level 135m versus 15mg. But, it does have 2 grams less fat, an added gram of fiber and 3 grams less sugar. It also does not use palm oil an inclusion in the other product currently being questioned. I found no undissolved sugar in the spread, it is smooth and creamy. After opening, do not refrigerate. As a general reference, the best by date on the jars I received is 12 months in the future.

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