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Wickedly Prime Organic Herbal Tea, Rose Berry Rooibos, 15 count (Pack of 3)

This is a striking chamomile! I can’t think of another blend that I’ve had like this that has been near as flavorful. The peppermint steps right up to support it and you get a hint of the lavender and lemongrass as a finish. The chamomile is definitely the main event and I really enjoy the sweet flavor. It’s the perfect thing to drink before retiring in the evening. It also helps to settle the belly a little. This is a beautiful and bright tea. Brewed at full strength, it’s a golden yellow color and has a minty floral fragrance. It comes packaged in clear plastic sachets. The tea itself is carried in a triangular mesh bag similar to those used by some of the big name brands. I’ve always found these bags to be superior for steeping tea because they support it on three sides while offering a flatter base at the bottom to expose more surface area to the hot water. When you move it up and down in the water you can watch the color of the steeped tea swirl around. I’m also impressed by the visible contents of the bags. I’m not sure what the little red pieces are, but there is a variety of things in there and they all look relatively fresh and perhaps even identifiable to someone who knows the trade. I’ve provided a couple of pictures to illustrate what I mean. The fact that everything is organic makes it all the better. I don’t know if I can ever go back to supermarket versions again. This set of three boxes of 15 sachets is great for those who regularly use chamomile to unwind at night. It’s also a useful amount to stock a break room or employee lounge. Check it out!

Wickedly Prime Organic Herbal Tea, Rose Berry Rooibos, 15 count (Pack of 3) Review

Organic Chai spices including cinnamon, ginger, cardamom pods, cloves and star anise are combined with rooibos to create a delicious herbal caffeine-free tea. If unfamiliar, rooibos is often used as substitute for green or black tea in herbal blends because it has a flavor similar to standard tea. The resulting brew made from this blend is simply excellent. Following the package instructions I steeped the tea for five minutes which seemed about right. I tried it both with honey and without and it is good either way, just as it is good both hot and cold. There are 15 sachets per box, each sealed in a cellophane envelope. Shelf-stable, tea is good to keep on hand and as an example of its life, the box I received has a Best By date 23 months in the future, but that will vary. -Read Reviews-

I bought this after receiving an email about it and am I happy with it. The aroma is something else (close your office door and let this thing fill the room) and the taste is fine, not overpowering. I’ve shared a couple with people at work and they all have come into my office to ask when/if I reorder to get them a box as well. Very nice.

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