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Wickedly Prime Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies, 14ct (Pack of 4)

Im going with 4 stars on this simply because of what I consider to be way too much packaging. These arent brittle, thin cookies. I made pix, instead of going on about it. (The bubble wrap is resealable, though not air-tight, and at 7 cookies per pkg, not sure resealing is needed 😉 Id just rather have them be less expensive than protected from earth quakes. They are slightly crumbly, but not overly so. Honestly, I consider them more on the softer side, not crunchy at all. The bite is like your teeth sink a bit, then no snap as the bite comes off. But I like that, so Im not complaining, just mentioning for your consideration. I dont see a claim of all natural or organic on either the box of the listing page, but going through the ingredient list, the only thing I saw that Im not fond of is Dextrose, about midway through the list. The taste, however, is very good. The cookie itself has a shortbread type of flavor. Very mild, buttery, smooth. The three different types of chocolate chunks are fairly distinct, too, which surprised me. Im not a real chocolate lover (but choccy chip cookies transcend mere chocolate 😉 but the mix is quite appealing and tasty to me. The hubs said they were ok but I saw him sneak a box off to his office, so Im sure well be getting these again. Any questions, feel free to comment or email. Check it out!

Wickedly Prime Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies, 14ct (Pack of 4) Review

Oh man where to begin, truly awesome cookies! I’m do not usually eat cookies thought I’d try one before I sat them out as snacks. Wonderful taste crispy but not hard or crumbling, Sweet but just the right amountAlso packed with care no broken cookies -Read Reviews-

One word: yummy!These have just the perfect amount of crisp. They are not the snap-in-half hard, crumbly density of something like a Chips Ahoy. Instead they have a genuine crispness with a slightly less crisp center (kind of like the ones you might make from scratch). Likewise, that do not have the cloying sweetness of many snack-aisle cookies. Instead, there are very distinct notes of vanilla and dark & Belgium chocolate. With most boxed cookies, one just receives a loud scream of "CHOCOLATE AND SUGAR. " Here, these are charming with tea or can act as a nice little after dinner treat. And, yes, children will also like them. (Do not worry, these are not so "sophisticated" that kids will eschew them). The packing here is extraordinary. Each sleeve is bubble-wrapped to ensure whole cookies and a complete experience (see picture). Everything about these cookies is fantastic! These have become our new go-to cookies for little visitors and even game-night! Big fan!

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