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Where the Heart Is

I’m an educated intelligent man. My sophisticated ‘Cinephile’ friends would laugh me out of town if I asked them to watch this endearing little gem. Tough. I’m not ashamed to admit however schlocky or simple a lot of high-brow folk think this film is, how below them, that *I* love Where the Heart Is!If you have half a heart, and a little laugh in the middle of serious sorrow and joy, maybe you’ll love this pic too! Check it out!

Ashley Judd and Natalie Portman shine in this offbeat, delicious slice of life about a down-on-her-luck Southern teen. After gaining 15 minutes of fame for giving birth to “The Wal-Mart Baby”, Novalee Nation (Portman) begins to put her life together with the help of the kind, quirky strangers who become her surrogate family. It’s an inspiring celebration of love, friendship and self-worth that delivers “quality, emotionally satisfying entertainment” (ReelViews).




Where the Heart Is Review


I have watched this film every time that I see it because the story continues to draw me into the lives of Novalee, Americus, and Forney. It is unique and always heartwarming. The four leads (Natalie Portman, James Frain, Stockard Channing, and Ashley Judd) with all supporting cast members are excellent. Several years of Novalee’s life is vividly portrayed as she transitions from abandoned young mother to be, through six weeks of secretly living in WalMart to growing up in a variety of ways with the support of several friends in a small Oklahoma town. It is utterly beautiful with Natalie Portman clearly demonstrating and confirming her amazing talent many years prior to winning an Oscar for Best Actress in The Black Swan in 2010. -Read Reviews-

This is one of my all-time favorite movies ever! I love any movie with Natalie Portman OR Ashley Judd. I first saw this movie when it came out in theaters when I was a teenager. It was such a great feel-good movie with a lot of depth and meaning to it. I loved the cute love story and how her ex-boyfriend who abandoned her at Wal-Mart when she was pregnant, changed his life around. this is a great chick flick, but also one the whole family can enjoy. This is one of those few I fall back on again and again when I want a familiar favorite or something to fall asleep to. I never get tired of it. A beautiful young pregnant girl is left stranded by her heartless boyfriend at an Oklahoma Wal-Mart. With nothing for company but a budging fichus tree given to her by the local welcome committee ("Sister" Thelma Husband), she takes shelter inside the Wal-Mart keeping a collection of IOUs that she fully intends to repay when able. In the meantime, she meets Forney, the brother of the local librarian (something of a loner but extremely articulate) who inspires her to educate herself. Eventually, Forney delivers Novalee’s baby girl Americus inside the local Wal-Mart, ushering the duo into the spotlight. She befriends Lexie (Ashley Judd), a independent minded, free-spirited single mother and moves in With "Sister" and her gentlemen friend "Mr. Spock. " It is in the heart of this sleepy town that Novalee learns what it means to be a family, the value of friends, develops a passion for photography, and falls in love with a man who turns out to be her soul-mate. Of course, there are several bumps to happily ever.

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