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What A Crying Shame

Most of my musical taste leads towards rock, hard rock, classic metal, blues and Americana which of course is a hybrid of rock and country mixed together. But there are a few pure country albums I do enjoy. The Mavericks What A Crying Shame is one of those. I enjoy the production and the sound which has that early 90s sound. I think some of the best country was produced in this period ( see Dwight Yoakum too ) as well as the 70s outlaw country ( Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings) which was the best of the genre. One particular edge this group has is the vocals. He sounds a lot like Roy Orbison which makes me think of listening to my parents records when I was a kid. Maybe this brings out those fond memories I have growing up. I really enjoy the Bruce Springsteen cover All That Heaven Will Allow. All the songs are good and relaxing. Check it out!

Product description No Description Available.Genre: Country & WesternMedia Format: Compact DiskRating: Release Date: 1-FEB-1994 A simply stunning country album. Granted, the songs here mark a disappointing retreat from the complex emotional truths and social commentary of the band’s previous From Hell to Paradise, but with a sound centered around the gorgeous, soaring tenor of singer-songwriter Raul Malo, the newly simplified songs here still manage to convey rich emotional moods. With updated Ray Price shuffles, Roy Orbison-influenced country pop, a crossover cover of Bruce Springsteen’s "All That Heaven Will Allow," and catchy Nashville hits like "O What a Thrill" and the title track, What a Crying Shame includes some of the finest mainstream country music of the last 25 years. –David Cantwell




What A Crying Shame Review


I love the Mavericks . Kind of Mexican Country. A very good and fun sound. No one alive has such a great, deep, clear voice. A mix between country, western, Hispanic and popular music – my feet want to dance to every song. The really good part of this whole album is that it is real music, real instruments – not synthesized. good "love songs" as only they can do. -Read Reviews-

On of the best albums of ANY genre of the ’90s. I bought it then, loaned it to someone and then bought it again. Their versions of "Oh What a Thrill" and "All That Heaven Will Allow" are sublime. FABULOUS singer, Raul Malo. Just saw them in concert last month and I was elated. Great show, GO if they are near you!!

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