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Westcott Axis iPoint Evolution Electric Heavy Duty Pencil Sharpener (15509)

I broke down and invested in a higher quality sharpener after being disappointed with past purchases. First, when the unit arrived I noticed the grey circle pencil size adapter was slightly dirty given the appearance of being used. This was fixed with a wet paper towel. However the shavings container and cutting blades appeared clean and new. I considered returning it but decided against it after using it. It sharpened both graphite and color pencils incredibly fast and quiet. Sharpening a box of pencils was easy. My kids loved to sharpen their pencils since it’s so easy compared to our prior sharpeners. It performs very similar to the X-Acto School Pro-X which I use at work. Both quiet and efficient. *****UPDATE 11/18/2013*******After less than 50 pencils the sharpener motor appears to be failing. Now the motor does not have enough power to rotate. All it does is hum. I am unable to return it to Amazon so I will have to contact Westcott for repair. I will comment on their customer support after getting it repaired. *****UPDATE 11/26/2013*****Filed a warranty claim on their website a week ago with no response. I sent another message to their support contact email address with no response. There is no support phone number available on their website (hmmmm). I have a heavy feeling this pencil sharpener is now a heavy brick. If you don’t hear back from me then the product was never fixed. Check it out!

Designed for high volume use in the office or school. Multi-hole dial accommodates all popular pencil sizes. Super quiet with the lowest noise rating in the industry. Super-fast sharpening using helical 10-blade technology. Sharp Sense technology allows you to feel when the pencil is at the perfect point. Auto shut off when pencil is completely sharpened. Safety cut off if the shavings reservoir is removed. Large EZ view shavings reservoir that once removed, safely deactivates the sharpener.

Westcott Axis iPoint Evolution Electric Heavy Duty Pencil Sharpener (15509) Review

Other reviewers are right – this thing is quiet! Quieter than my manual Boston. And it shaves tips quickly AND smoothly. (If you’re a woodworker, you’ll recognize that this thing makes clean, rather than rough cuts. ) If you’re crazy or fussy enough, you know that some sharpeners, compared to others, leave the wood SMOOTH. This one leaves your pencil smooth, which suggests to me that the cutters are working cleanly – sharply – efficiently. Oh, and did I mention the 10 year warranty? Other “good” sharpeners have a 2 or 3 yr warranty. I spoke to a Staples rep on the phone because my wife’s electric sharpeners are all worn out. (She teaches 3rd grade, and has 3 sharpeners. The motors are weak and get hot, and they all sharpen unevenly, and break lots of leads. ) I was inquiring, were any models rated (i.e. duty cycle) for a classroom (i.e. continuous use). I was told that her Staples School-Smart, and X-Acto ‘Class-Happy’ (I paraphrased that 2nd name. Sorry, I don’t have the model #s on me) were rated for “5-10 uses per day. ” Seriously?! A model named “School” something, rated for “personal or light office use – 5-10 uses per day?” My wife also has a Boston, which is more worn-out than the other two. I don’t know the ages of two of them, but the Staples is nearly new. I do know that none of the three is suitable for someone who will sharpen 10 or more pencils per day, or more than 3 in a row. (They feel warm, through their plastic housings, after about 5. )The Staples rep did tell me that, for ~$60, X-Acto has a model rated for continuous use. You can read the reviews to compare that model to this one. I did, and this one looked superior. Based on initial trials, I would say that this sharpener is as good as it gets. Super quiet, very fast, even-sharpening. It remains to be seen, whether it will handle ~30 pencils daily, but the heavy rating and 10 year warranty, as well as its mass, and the ease with which it sharpens, suggest to me that this one is a winner. Oh, did mention that you can just about see the tip as it’s sharpened? And when the pencil is sharp, if you’re not pushing hard enough to trip the auto stop, the cutters just stop making contact. So, I presume, one could continue to “touch up” a tip, if they felt it was needed. (I’m almost never pushing that hard, as this thing sharpens so effortlessly. ) I’m quite impressed, so far. And if the 10 year warranty is what it claims to be, this is one he**uva sharpener. Edit: I just took off one star, as we’ve realized that the sharpener only works for pencils down to about 3″. Still a great sharpener in every other respect, but one has to use a backup sharpener for shorties. -Read Reviews-

Winner of the 2014 Learning Magazine Teacher’s Choice Award for Classroom Products; Winner of Scholastic Instructor Magazine’s Teachers Pick Best of 2014 Award

Designed for high volume in the office or classroom

Multi-hole dial accommodates various pencil sizes

10-blade technology, but with a super quiet noise rating and auto stop feature

10 Year Warranty

Creates a very long point, easily broken off (especially by kids). Often eats pencils, grinding forever. Hard to get a centered tip — tip is usually quite lopsided. Tip often breaks off in sharpener, requiring more grinding (and wasting more of the pencil). When the stars align (infrequently), this sharpener produces a long, sharp tip. But I do better with the $3 hand-sharpener from CVS.

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