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Welcome to Nextacy

Next’s best album to me. Slow music, club music, and bedroom music. Check it out!

Product description Welcome to Nextacy Next perfects the art of the hip-hop tinged, R&B ghetto hymn on Welcome II Nextasy, a slick and explicit soundtrack for all of life’s freakier moments. Best known for the erection-on-the-dance-floor number, “Too Close,” from their debut, Rated Next, T-Low, R.L., and Tweety create some ultra-nasty moments on tracks like “Jerk,” a three-man salute to masturbation, “Shorty” (“I met her at a naughty show / I’m thinking about fellatio”), and “Let’s Make a Movie” (“I’m a superstar / With super sperm”). What saves the album from descending into a testosterone-fueled trash heap, however, is the guys’ wicked penchant for humor. It sounds like they’re snickering over their own impure ways as much as the rest of us are. Who else in R&B is crooning about getting it on on their own? –Sylvia W. Chan




Welcome to Nextacy Review


Love the cd sounds wonderful no scratches at all -Read Reviews-

No scratches or cracks!! No skips on CD!! Great purchase. . Thanks!

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