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Welcome Reality

The quintessential dubstep album. Nero is much more song oriented than most creators of dubstep, and their singer has a killer voice. If you only get one dubstep album, make it this one. It’s a generous 17 tracks long and there isn’t a dud in the lot. Check it out!

Welcome Reality Review

I bought this because there were a few songs I had heard on Pandora and it was just cheaper to buy a used CD than the digital format. (I’m old and still cling to CDs with cover art. ) I wasn’t expecting this to be a concept album, I just knew that I liked what little I had heard. Then I put the album in and pressed (or clicked, rather) play. I was blown away. I couldn’t remember the last time I put a disc in and just listened to the whole thing. In a world of Pandoro, Genius mixes and $0. 99 singles, when was the last time YOU listened to an entire album made in the last decade?The album has touches of early concept albums, shadows of Pink Floyd, Emerson Lake & Palmer with a dash of 80’s electronica. There are samples of 80’s songs and they even drafted Daryl Hall for vocals on one track. I’m also a moderate Sci-Fi geek so the faux soundtrack cover was an added bonus. I wouldn’t call this a tightly bound concept album like Rush’s 2112, but it flows seamlessly from beginning to end. Do yourself a favor and get the whole album. -Read Reviews-

By far one of the best albums as far as electronic music goes. I bought this cd for my car because its a good one to drive to. I really am excited for the next album to come out soon. Nero has a great sound. I simply cannot get enough.

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