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Viair 00073 70P Heavy Duty Portable Compressor

Purchased this unit because it was cheap and had great reviews and I can see tires kept going flat every 2 weeks and I got tired of having to drive on base or to the gas station and pray the air pump was working which 9/10 times its not and who wants to pay a 1. 00 for air right? So I got this and let me say first thoughts were is this gonna be strong enough because the unit is small,like really small and to my surprise it actually inflated my tire with no problem (aftermarket 22 inch rims) The pump comes with attachments for other types of applications to blow are in like a inflatable bed or als features a fuse on the power cord that has a cover on it. I saw reviews of people saying the pump blew a fuse in their car but it did not blow mine I kept the car running as I used it (2008 Dodge Charger). This is a great pump and I have no complaints also another plus is the extremely long power cord! Check it out!

The 70P is a smaller portable compressor capable of inflating up to 225/65/R18 tires. Plug into your 15 ampere rated power port, connecting to a valve stem and turn the unit on. Tire pressure is monitored using the gauge mounted on top of the unit, by temporarily switching the unit off.

Viair 00073 70P Heavy Duty Portable Compressor Review

I bought this for my husband so that we had a compressor in case of emergency on road trips. He had asked for it specifically. Christmas morning, he opened the box hoping to try it out and was disappointed to discover that the plastic clip that screws onto the power connector and holds the fuse in place was broken–well, more like shattered. It was in four pieces inside the convenient carry bag. Amazon was great with the return and cross shipped a replacement. Unfortunately, the new unit arrived with the same defect. The only difference this time was that the plastic piece was in three pieces instead of four–still completely sealed box inside the convenient carry bag. After that, we returned it for a refund so I really cannot say how it works. Thanks to Amazon for taking care of us on two consecutive defective products. Use great caution when ordering this product–there’s a good chance you won’t receive it in working order. -Read Reviews-

12 VOLT – 100 PSI Maximum Working Pressure, engine must be running during use.

1.06CFM Free Flow @ 0 PSI

Deluxe carry bag included

Brass twist-on tire chuck

Turn unit on to inflate, off to check pressure pressure using onboard gauge

Got this to use on my travel trailer which had a low tire & to keep in my truck for when traveling. It inflated the slack trailer tire with no issues at all. It did get very hot but did not cut off & only took about 15 min (the tire was at 50 PSI when it should of been at 80 PSI) I then attached it to my truck tire which was a bit low & takes 110 PSI for a 19. 5" tire. This pump isn’t made for that but I figured I’d see what it did if anything. It got my tire pressure for the truck back up to 90 PSI & I just made the decision to stop because the pump has gotten extremely hot by this time. I would of gotten a pump for bigger tires but haD to not spend so much. So I figured if I got the trailer tires covered I’d be ok. This little pump works great! Just know that while you have it attached to your tire stem it is letting air out, so detach it as soon as you are done & start it as soon as you attach or all your air will seep out within minutes & you will have a complete flat. ..

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