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Van Halen: Video Hits, Vol. 1

Van Halen has a small but distinctive folio of hits. Whether on CD or DVD, they recur with consistency, as the band is great but not the most productive. This DVD on that basis is solid, fine, even OK. There are better recordings, and worse. You won’t be sorry if you buy it, just take the time to see if your favorite hits are covered. Some of mine were not so I had to buy another DVd to complete my library. You also have to take note of the David Lee Roth and post-DLR years, depending upon whether you liked him or not. So, check the Amazon detail page or the review by Amazon that gives details and see if this one or others is the right one for you. ..Once again, van Halen is tops with me, but this album just has too few of their small folio of hits to merit a top rating. .. Check it out!

A collection of promos by monsters of 70s and 80s rock, Van Halen, including such classics as’ Jump’, ‘Finish What Ya Started’ and ‘Dreams’.




Van Halen: Video Hits, Vol. 1 Review


Well, I’ll be honest, I was looking for an opportunity to buy the MTV video, “DREAMS” with THE BLUE ANGELS footage. Oh my goodness, it’s the best video ever made, this DVD however contains a live jam of the band at some venue instead. What a major dissapointment. I would have the price I did for ONLY the DREAMS – BLUE ANGELS VIDEO “ALONE”. But instead I get this. No this would have warranted a “1” rating, but the Right Now vid, bumps it up 1/2 point and the collection of the rest up another 1/2 point. Heck even the Humans Being vid cuts out all the Twister footage the original video contained. So I’ll stick with the rating of “2” and shake my head in utter discust at the idiot that put this package together without including THE BLUE ANGELS video footage, what is your problem anyway?I’ll now have to wait until some brilliant entrepreneur at MTV top put some 80’s video package together that will include this AMAZING video of multi-angle plane mounted camera footage. -Read Reviews-

Requested by my autistic sone for his birthday, and he loved it

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