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Valterra F02-3106BK Black Bulk EZ Coupler Valve Cap with Handle

I had seen a recent video talking about some inexpensive fixes for your RV and it mentioned this EZ Coupler Cover. This is a GREAT idea!Yes, very inexpensive for what it brings to dumping the tanks that much easier and less messy by getting your hands father from the drain should you have a leaky valve inside the coupler cover. It is just as it looks in the product info page, just the coupler with a much better and longer handle that also has a standard hose adapter with its own cable should you want to get a hose and flush the drain or black tank by backflushing. That’s not needed by me, but it is there. Just undo the silicon cable that is attached to a pin on the coupler on the RV drain with a formed ‘O’ ring of sorts attachment to the pin so you won’t lose the cover should you forget to make sure it is back on a tight before leaving (checklist anyone?). Attach the new silicon cord and attach this new cover by twisting it on the pins locking it on. While not expensive I kept the old cover in the box of RV odds and ends just in case, or should we trade in this RV I can put the original back on and keep this for the next RV. Nobody sells these locally in my neck of the woods. Check it out!

Valterra Products, Inc. Black Bulk EZ Coupler Valve Cap with Handle – Quit fighting to remove valve caps. New EZ Coupler Cap with grip handle eliminates all the difficulty. Also features 0.75 inch hose connection for draining gray water.

Valterra F02-3106BK Black Bulk EZ Coupler Valve Cap with Handle Review

This cap is so much easier to use than the OEM cap that came on our 2014 RV. I really like the large handle. We’ve not camped in a RV Park with the gray water only drains since I purchased this cap, but had seen that before and did not have the garden hose connector on the OEM cap, so purchased this one with that feature for the next time we’re in that situation. Very good product! -Read Reviews-

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WAY EASIER TO INSTALL AND REMOVE THAN A CAP WITHOUT THE LARGE HANDLE BUILT IN. Best of all, no more gray or balck water spilled on your hands, ewww yech. LOVE IT.

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