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Up and Down Paperback – April 1, 2011 by Oliver Jeffers (Author)

My 2. 5 year old son loves to be read to and many of the kids books nowadays are wonderful even for adults. Up and Down does a great job involving the parent and child with great visuals. It’s about a boy and a penguin who are great friends and the penguin wants to fly because he has wings. In an effort to do so, he has the boy try to help him with various endeavors but none work. He then heads off to become a “Human” Cannonball but gets separated from his friend. The problem with being a cannonball is that he wasn’t sure how he was going to land or where? The boy frantically searches for the penguin and sees a poster of him performing that night and runs to catch him-which he does (SPOILER ALERT!). They are happily reunited again. I HIGHLY recommend you also purchase LOST AND FOUND which is the Prequel to this book about the same boy and penguin. They are sort of companion stories and brings much more depth when read together with Up and Down. Their human/penguin friendships is heart-warming and the type of friendship I would hope for with my children and others. Check it out! Review Amazon Best Books of the Month, December 2010: Oliver Jeffers has created an enchanting story of two friends, a boy and a penguin, whom we first met in

Up and Down Paperback – April 1, 2011 by Oliver Jeffers (Author) Review

Why isn’t Oliver Jeffers as popular in the U.S. as, say, Mo Willems or that Pinkalicious author or any other major kiddie author? I don’t get it — his illustrations are beautiful, his stories are fun (and often funny), his books feature cool stuff that kids love, like rocket ships, things being shot out of cannons, penguins, etc., AND the stories aren’t so long that your kid can use them to delay bedtime forever. My son loves Up and Down just as much as he loves its prequel Lost and Found, and he also was delighted that the same characters show up in these two books (and also in The Way Back Home, though only the boy has a starring role in that one — the penguin just makes a cameo). I for one am thankful to Jeffers for creating books that are enjoyable for kids AND their parents. -Read Reviews-

Oliver Jeffers is our favorite children’s author and doesn’t disappoint in this read. A continuation of the "Once there was a boy" series, Up and Down focuses on friendship while keeping it light, silly, and engaging.

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