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Untamed Heart

In an all-night diner, a diffident adorable young dishwasher, Adam (Christian Slater), stares silently and longingly at Caroline (Marisa Tomei), a bubbly kind-hearted waitress co-worker. He can vouch for her kindness as she tends to a cut on his hand. She’s a lonely gal, likely in part, because she tends to beg guys not to leave her. He doesn’t appear to be a great recruiter for himself either as he doesn’t dare to speak. But something’s brewing, and the dynamic between them is very sweet and quite naturally sexy as it evolves. Having spent his childhood in a convent orphanage, it was only the nuns who offered him solace, and it was they who also offered him quite a bizarre accounting of the origins of his heart. Even there, he watched in silence as other kids were ushered off to family homes. Early on Adam rescues Caroline from a brutal attack, as she walks home from work. How he got here and what he’s up to remain to be seen. The trajectory of this uniquely sensitive and sensual relationship is not to be missed. Love the Nat King Cole tracks, especially the very appropriate "Nature Boy," as well as the instrumental version. The acting is extraordinary by the 2 principals and Rosie Perez is super too. All filmmaking disciplines are in sync and solid. Highly recommend for viewing time and again. Check it out!

A Minneapolis waitress falls for a shy busboy who thinks his heart came from a baboon king.




Untamed Heart Review


I like both of the actors, Christian Slater and Marisa Tomei. You have two people who ultimately found each other over a bad circumstance. She’s the everyday working girl trying to figure out what’s she’s doing, he’s the antisocial quiet guy who doesn’t know where he fits in in the world. They both bring out the best in each other. You could predict the ending, but getting there was what the story is really about. -Read Reviews-

I smiled the first half of the movie, and sobbed the second half. People in these reviews are saying that he’s a stalker, and yeah, in a way he kind of is, but keep in mind that he is not as developed as an adult is. He has the mind of a child. And when children like someone, they tend to follow them around. I thought it was sweet, and don’t let that deter you from enjoying this movie.

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