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The only word I can use to describe this cd is awesome. This was a live "unplugged" MTV event that I will never forget. The vocals are crisp and clean. Every song is memorable. Seller got this out to me quick, and I was pleased with the entire transaction. Thank you so much. Check it out!

Unplugged Review

I was a 90s teenager and I wasn’t really into grunge rock. But what I did and do love is an acoustic sound, which MTV captured amazingly with its genius series, "MTV Unplugged. " I have about 10 Unplugged CDs and I just added this one. The song ‘would’ is why I bought the cd. It sounds beautifully as an acoustic performance. Any Alice In Chains fan was well aware of the lead singer’s severe drug use (heroin) which unfortunately took his life in 2002. Though Layne Stanly sounds just ‘okay’ on the tracks, his physical appearance during the performance was a tragic scene. He was sickly pale and looked as if he need resuscitation. I wish he could have sounded/looked much better for the show, but overall the cd is worth buying especially if you love their first album. -Read Reviews-

One of the top FOUR all-time best live performances of the decade (Behind only Nirvana & Pearl Jam’s MTV Unplugged performances and Mad Season Live at the Moore) . All that is missing here is Rotten Apple.

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