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Unmade (The Lynburn Legacy Book 3) Paperback – September 22, 2015 by Sarah Rees Brennan (Author)

Look, don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed these books, but it’s not because they are overall well-crafted stories. It’s because Sarah Rees Brennan is SO good at one or two aspects of story telling, it overshadows the weaknesses she displays in other aspects. She’s got a stellar ability to craft characters you care about* and want to have happy endings. BUT. ..***Several spoilers below***I wasn’t sure I was going to buy this book after the second book in the series suffered from middle-book-itis, but I don’t regret it. I found the resolution between Jared and Ash and Kami satisfying, so for me, a romantic at heart, that made the purchase worthwhile. I was definitely disappointed in the resolution of the entire story arc, however. I felt as if the author was trying to make the stakes really high for all of the characters, and yet things frequently seemed very easy for the protagonists. Oh no! Bad guys are trying to steal Kami’s brothers for an unholy sacrifice! How terrifying! Yet, they were awfully easy to chase away. Rob Lynburn is such a terrifying villain! He appears out of nowhere and exacts his revenge on Kami’s mother! And yet it’s awfully easy for Kami et al to slip in and out of the manor house whenever they feel they need to. I approved of the fact that not all the wizards on Rob’s side were pure evil, and yet instead of fleshing them out into characters that felt real, these conflicted sorcerers were used as Deus Ex Machina. These varying stakes made the story feel choppy and the plot disjointed. It reminded of playing a video game where much of the action is exploration punctuated by moments of running from/fighting a boss who appears randomly. I don’t know. I am glad I finished the trilogy, but I just feel like Sarah Rees Brennan could just do so much better. This is an entertaining, but ultimately flawed effort. Good characters, good plot IDEA, failed execution. I think she’s still growing past her background as a fandom writer. Don’t flame me! Fanfiction is lovely and has its place for sure! But I think generally-speaking, even the most beloved of fanfiction has more emphasis on the pairing rather than a well-developed plot. And I can’t help but notice that her Jared and her Nick read very much like her flawed and angry Dracos. Give me another trilogy, Sarah. I’ll buy and read it! But I need a bit more next time, or that will probably be my last one. ——————————————————————————————*Although I have to add that it’s a big pet peeve of mine that they all [every single one] have EXACTLY the same sense of humor. .. it blurs the lines between them too much. The ONLY reason why she gets away with it is because SRB is actually very funny. So I spent an equal amount of time giggling as well as eye-rolling. Check it out!

From School Library Journal Gr 7 Up—Evil sorcerer Rob Lynburn, master of Aurimere House, has nefarious plans for those villagers in Sorry-in-the-Vale who won’t join his side. He’s strengthening his powers in preparation, which requires nothing less than human sacrifice. Kami Glass intends to stop him, but how? Her link with Jared has been severed—and he’s missing. Her new link with Ash isn’t helping and her mother is living up at Aurimere, serving Rob and his ilk. The good guys are outnumbered and out-magicked, but Kami refuses to give up. Research turns up one ritual that might help, but it could end up killing all of them. Brennan keeps the action coming and the dialogue zippy and quippy. Kami and her friends are a delight and readers will root for them to save themselves and their town and for everyone to end up kissing whoever they want to kiss. This trilogy ender isn’t really a stand-alone though; readers will be well served by reading the previous, equally charming installments.—Stephanie Klose, School Library Journal –This text refers to the Library Binding edition.

Unmade (The Lynburn Legacy Book 3) Paperback – September 22, 2015 by Sarah Rees Brennan (Author) Review

Originally posted to Nori’s Closet />Ahhhhh. I dont even know what to do now that this series is over. As I said on Goodreads, this book and this series is the kind you finish with a big exhale and sloppy smile. And then you feel the need to clutch the book itself to your chest in a weird, youthful book hug, not wanting to ever let it go. Unspoken was my favorite book of 2012. Untold was one of my favorites of 2013. And now Unmade is also up there on my list for 2014. Reading this book was just so refreshing. It was like having my first pumpkin spice latte of the fall. It was like a really great phone conversation with my mother. And it was like meeting up with old friends I havent seen for a while, but am always wanting to see. Brennan has character development down. There are few YA writers out there who can write characters like she can. All of the side characters own a piece of my heart. And Kami like is my heart. Then of course is the problematic romance. I love that this defies the YA paranormal romance stereotypes. Nothing is easy for the ship of all ships. And I like that the couple has problems. Things go from one insanely sizzling, button popping scene to moments of pure heartache. And I feel like this is so quintessential teen. This is real. Its not about finding your soul mate at 16 and never having any problems. Its about not knowing what the person youre in love with is thinking (usually). Its about changing your mind and not always thinking with your mind. This book definitely gave me a case of the feels. Not everyone survives by the end. Its definitely a lot darker than its previous books. Theres kidnappings, torture, grave digging, public sacrifice rituals, death, and lot of power struggles. Theres also a lot more relationship drama. Theres more danger for Kamis little siblings. Theres more family drama between Kamis parents. Yet, through all the drama and all the darkness, the same wit and humor pulled through everything. In fact, I think this was the funniest and snarkiest book of the series. I found myself laughing out loud one moment, gasping in shock in another moment, crying for a wonderful character at another moment, and just having the full gamut of emotions here. Brennan is the kind of writer who holds the puppet strings to your feelings, and shes not afraid to pull the strings tight enough to induce pain. As with the other books, I found the plot/action to be nowhere near as great as the character development, dialog, and drama. Sometimes, I just dont care as much about the plot as I do about the people, and thats okay. I definitely care more about the characters in this series than I do for most other fictional characters, and that in itself is saying something. I am so beyond attached to these guys. Im so sad the whole thing is over. Ive actually already gone back and re-read my favorite moments (definitely including the button popping scene!). And now Im contemplating re-reading some scenes for a third time. The book is sitting right next to me. I dont really have to say goodbye quite yet. I give this book and this series a 10/10. -Read Reviews-

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