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Uniden Eco Trek FRS4402 2-Mile 14-Channel FRS Two-Way Radio (Pair)

The model shown here (which looks like Uniden’s eco trek 3) is a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD model!!!!!i bought a pair of these back in 2002 for under $60. Unless this is one of the last pair ever made and is in new, unopened (nrfp) condition; this is an egregious ripoff. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an AWESOME RADIO! Perfect for travel, outdoor activities and any emergency. 14 FRS frequencies, 7 NOAA weather channels and an FM receiver. One of my favorite radios ever. This is just TWICE WHAT THEY ARE WORTH. Check it out!

This pair of small, lightweight Uniden FRS440 two-way radios enables you to keep in touch with friends and family for up to two miles. With 14 channels and 38 privacy codes, this two-way radio screens out interference from other radios. The FRS440 features 7 weather channels to provide up-to-the-minute reports and alerts on weather conditions. It has a vibrate alert to let you know immediately of an incoming message and five distinct call tones so you will know exactly who in your group is transmitting a message. This radio requires three AA batteries (not included) for up to 50 hours of operation. Other features include a channel scan feature, temperature display, FM radio, and an accessory jack. The Uniden FRS440 is covered by a one-year warranty.




Uniden Eco Trek FRS4402 2-Mile 14-Channel FRS Two-Way Radio (Pair) Review


I bought this product because my family and I go hiking a lot, we have an age range of 55 to 5 on our trips with varying degrees of speed and endurance, these walkie talkies have let us enjoy walking together without everyone having to be in the same group, and everyone can enjoy the outdoors at their own pace without the worry of where we are and when we will meet up again. It is also nice to know how hot or cool it is as some of our trips are out in the desert, and the access to the weather channels has proven very helpful in our decions on how long the day trips should be and what trail we should decide on. I recommend these walkie talkies to anyone who likes to hike in groups. The design of the radios as well as the headsets are extremely helpful once you get the hang of them of course, as they enable your hands to be free, and unlike some of the other headsets that are on the market where the mike is always on, there is a button that can be pressed to to key the mike. My ten year old and 5 year old are able to use them with no problems. We love them and are wondering what took us so long to get them. -Read Reviews-

14 channel FRS 2-way radio with 38 CTCSS subcodes per channel

Up to 2-mile range

FM radio; 7 NOAA weather frequencies and temperature display

Backlit display

Built-in carabiner clip

I looked at the Motorola 6310 and this Uniden 440 because they both have weather channels and FM radio and other similar extras. I chose this one because it was half the price of the Motorola. Unfortunately you can have FM or FRS but not both. On the Motorola the FM will be interrupted by a FRS transmission so you can have the best of both worlds. Also the call button gets hit accidentally very easily, so it’s hard to tell when someone is really trying to call you or not. I have a Motorola 6200 that has recessed buttons and haven’t had any false calls with it. I think I’ll return the Uniden and get the Motorola 6310 or 6320 after all.

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