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Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion

Basically,the entire Turok series can be categorized by this:Turok:Dinosaur Hunter,Turok 2:Welcome to the rest of the world,and Turok 3:Welcome to Planet Earth. Part of the problem with Turok 3 is that the cinemas are not at the level they were in Turok 2. In fact the cinemas are more like Goldeneye. And that’s not the only thing that’s like Goldeneye. The weapons are now more like Goldeneye. I mean a hand gun w/a laser target? Where are those "exotic" weapons? I mean the only really "exotic" weapon is the Cerebral Bore. Other than that everything is basically an upgrade of old weapons. The enemy AI is almost dumb. I mean honestly it is. And don’t even get me started on the death animations or lack there of. In my opinion the ‘save anywhere’ feature actually takes away from the franticness of the game. There’s no more running around feeling like at any minute you can die searching for a save point. Now there are some good things about the game. Such as a nice homage paid to the original Turok. This one actually has more of a story to it than just trying to get to the big boss. A plot you say? Well,yes. But it can be annoying. The 2 characters do have ‘some’ different levels and weapons,which is kind of cool. Turok 3 is no where near being the definitive Turok. If you’re a fan of the first or second one then rent this one and check it out. Cause it’s closer to Goldeneye than Turok. Check it out!

Product Description The dinosaur hunt has come to the jungle–the urban jungle, that is. In Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion, a mysterious force called the Oblivion has bridged the Lost World and ours intending to eliminate the Turok heroes and dominate the universe. And with the Oblivion’s presence known, city leaders have cordoned off streets and blanketed the region with martial law. You play as either Danielle or younger brother Joseph–two siblings of Turok 2’s Joshua Fireseed–with some levels and weapons unique to each character. To stop the Oblivion, you’ll need to go up against more than 40 new, smarter enemies skulking through the five worlds. But if civic service isn’t your thing, you can invite up to three friends for a firefight in one of the game’s 40-plus multiplayer levels, including the series favorite, Frag Tag. Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion supports the Expansion Pak for better graphics resolution as well as, thankfully, an instant-save feature that can help alleviate the intensity. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter’s legacy on the Nintendo 64 is undeniable. While the pressures of being both a commercial and (more often than not) a critical success would have tempted series of lesser quality to churn out mediocre sequels, Acclaim has not allowed this to happen. Now with the second “official” sequel (not counting Rage Wars) wreaking havoc in Nintendo land, it’s time to see if the legacy is fulfilled. Visually, this is by far the best in the series. While the graphics on the N64 can only go so far, they’re best utilized in the amazing cutscenes displayed throughout. Plus, the action is accompanied by an amazing soundtrack, which greatly enhances the game’s atmosphere. The weapons are basically the same as those in previous Turok games, so things may seem familiar. There are new weapons, but most of them are just upgrades of the current ones you have. The only time that weapon selection will be important is during boss battles, where the rocket launcher packs a bigger punch. Not only can you save your game anywhere, but you can also continue from many checkpoints throughout the level. As you progress, you will pass checkpoints where the game pauses, and the title of the area appears on the screen. This feature is great, because when you suffer that oh-so-sudden death, you only have to go back as far as the last checkpoint instead of your last (and possibly distant) save. With the single-player mode thrown back in for the third Turok adventure, the multiplayer mode in Turok 3 doesn’t seem to flow as well as it did in Rage Wars. This might be excusable, but with Rare showing how fun a single/multiplayer title can be, not once but twice (GoldenEye, Perfect Dark), it’s a bit disappointing. Still, Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion is a great first-person shooter for Nintendo’s aging machine that doesn’t embarrass the series. –Todd Mowatt Pros: Many gameplay options Gorgeous graphics and great sound effects Realistic character and environment physics Cons: Game engine slows down in graphic-heavy sections Enemy AI isn’t as good as in the first game of the series




Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Review


I don’t own this game, but I’ve played it a few times. The reason this game is better than the other Turok titles is the option to play the game from two points of view. That is, you can play as one of two characters who progress differently from the other. Some of the weapons are just plain awsome. One of my personal favorites is the PGS( I don’t remember the exact name) which is sort of like a portable black hole. The storyline is excellent and the bosses are really cool and weird. The final boss is of course the best. I reccomend this awsome game for all Turok fans. -Read Reviews-

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As an avid classic gamer and Turok fanatic, I had surprisingly never played this one before. It is definitely not the wondrous masterpiece that is Turok 2: seeds of evil, but it is an all around great game. IF you are a giant Turok fan. If not, this will probably feel like you’ve played it before.

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