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True Lemon Bulk Dispenser Pack, 100 Count (2.82oz)

I love lemon in my tea but somehow often those lemons turn into a moldy mess before I use the entire lemon. I have tried lemon juice in a bottle but was never satisfied with the taste. True Lemon came up as Amazon recommendation when I purchased something else and given the strong reviews I tried. Yes, I agree. It taste very natural. One package is just the right amount for a large cup of tea. I purchased the Bulk Dispenser. The box has an opening from which the packages can be removed. Each package is foiled lined. The expiration date on my package is 2 years in the future. The list of ingredients on my box shows three things: citric acid, lemon oil, lemon juice. It only has lemon, it is not sweet. I add sugar to my tea just the same as if squeezed some lemon into it. The content of the package is small crystals, less than a teaspoon. In attached photo I show the content of one package in a teaspoon. Overall, I am very pleased. Nice natural taste. Ali Julia review Check it out!

Love lemon in your water but don’t love fresh lemon’s inconvenience? Well then True Lemon is for you! Made from a patented process that cold-presses and crystallizes the lemon oils and juices, True Lemon delivers consistent fresh-squeezed lemon taste in a convenient packet. Add True Lemon to your water and you’ll swear you just squeezed a lemon wedge into your water. But don’t stop there! True Lemon is great in hot/iced teas, drinks and beverages. You can also use True Lemon for your cooking, baking and seasoning applications. Sprinkle True Lemon on food instead of salt. Because of True Lemon’s great taste and convenience, you’ll find you’re reaching for True Lemon all the time!

True Lemon Bulk Dispenser Pack, 100 Count (2.82oz) Review

I recently had kidney stones from not drinking enough water and drinking way too much tea. I had to have surgery to remove them. WORST TIME EVER. ….The dr told me I need to drink more water and add lemon into my diet because the acid in lemons are known to dissolve calcium oxalate stones as they form in the kidneys (my stones were over 90% calcium oxalate). I hate the taste (or non taste as people say. .) of plain water. However, this product REALLY gave me the ability to drink water on a regular basis AND add the lemon to my diet that the dr recommended. I use it in my water every day and I’ve also added it to my cooking. It tastes amazing sprinkled over rice or salad or anything that you would add a regular lemon to. And the best part is that it’s all natural. I contacted the company directly (true citrus) and asked for samples and loved it so much that I immediately purchased the bulk case of true lemon and true orange and I can tell you it’s worth EVERY PENNY. Thank you, True Citrus!!! -Read Reviews-

Im on my third box of 500 of these over the course of a few years. They are superior to any liquid packet or bottled limejuice as those all taste artificial to me. I pretty much exclusively use them to flavor drinks like water or club soda. If youre feeling fancy you can add some agave nectar and make a mocktail margarita. I also sometimes for cooking in a pinch if Ive run out of fresh limes. In my opinion these taste as good as the real thing. I cannot detect any aftertaste or weirdness. I also mix a packet with my diet coke because I feel the diet coke lime tastes artificial. I like the convenience of these that they are mess free. You dont have to worry about your lime wedge spraying you in the eye or having to wash a cutting board and knife. Because are crystals they do need to be mixed with liquid and shaken or stirred to dissolve. They do last quite a long time, probably around a year but moisture will eventually get in the packet and make it clump. This doesnt affect the flavor but makes it take longer to dissolve and get out of the packet. I will get this in a few packets usually at the bottom of a box. I usually just throw these away because its not worth the hassle for the price. Overall, I love these and thats why Im a repeat customer.

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