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Trophy Train Whistle

There are a lot of bad train whistles on the market. I have purchased a few, but this one is fantastic. Sounds great and clear. The only downside is that my 3 year old who loves trains struggles with getting this mouth on the opening perfectly to make a very strong clear sound. Also like other repetitive whistles, one needs lung capacity to make a realistic sound and most young kids struggle with executing this. i would get it for your kids if they love trains, just have the expectation that you will have to work with them a bit. But other than that this is a great quality and carefully made item. Check it out!

The Grover-Trophy Train Whistle produces an amazingly realistic sound. Wood construction assures years of use.

Trophy Train Whistle Review

I bought this as a visual/sound effect for when on stage AND I am thrilled. The sound is realistic. Simple to use, just blow into it. And it sounds SO REAL. A great purchase! -Read Reviews-

Trophy Model#4218

Absolutely Perfect. Exactly as Advertised. Excellent Add-On ItemMy three year old loves trains, and loves this item. I love the sound of him playing, running around, loud, constant reminder that he’s here.

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