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Trivial Pursuit Millennium Edition [Board Game]

As a fan of the original Trivial Pursuit, I was anxiously awaiting opening this package underneath our Christmas tree. However, I was very disappointed in what I opened. 1) The pieces are translucent, and very hard to distinguish. 2) The board is almost paper thin, and does not seem durable at all, unlike the original version. 3) The board is also very distracting, too "busy". 4) The Literature category is gone. 5) As mentioned in another review, the cards are loose in the "box" (actually, a pie piece shaped metal tin), and easily lost or mutilated. 6) Some of the cards were repeats. We found a duplicate card 1/4 of the way through our first game. 7) Not worth the price. Wait until it’s on sale to buy it. My son’s Junior Trivial Pursuit game (also bought through Amazon) was much more durable and fun. Check it out!

Product description trivia pursuit For the true Trivial Pursuit connoisseur! This fantastic version of the tremendously popular original celebrates “the facts and follies of the past 1,000 years.” Moving around a circular track, players collect wedges for correct answers to questions such as: What island do most of the North Atlantic icebergs come from? What South African described meeting the Spice Girls as “one of the greatest moments of my life”? How many men have walked on the moon? The remaining 3,597 questions (including those on 105 full-color photo cards) are housed in a collectible wedge-shaped tin package (10 inches by 13 inches)–along with the folding game board (18.5 inches in diameter), die, colorful transparent card holder, scoring wedges, and wedge holder. Players make their way to the hub through six categories of queries in hopes of answering the game-winning question. Don’t wait till the next millennium for fun like this! For two to six players or teams. –Emilie Coulter




Trivial Pursuit Millennium Edition [Board Game] Review


This is by far the best Trivia Pursuit version I’ve played, because the questions are interesting and relevant. While it always helps to be a factoid whiz, you won’t need to be one to play and win this version. I do agree with other reviews that the pie colors are a little odd (two are so similar that it’s tricky to tell them apart), but when you finally win a pie, do you really care? I highly recommend this game. -Read Reviews-

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Nifty packaging, but disappointing. Questions from the past 1000 years? Forget it. Mostly dumbed down media questions — do you really care about Pamela Anderson’s biography? Looks like those of us who loved the original and played it until we knew the questions by heart will have to give up TP. Would be nice if somebody came up with another edition that requires 1/2 a brain. Don’t waste your $$$ on this turkey.

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