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Trio II (Two)

Don’t often play a CD twice thru, I like to think on it, swirl it around & ruminate on it. Well, I did on this one the first time I listened to it. The ladies absolutely hit it out of the park. A perfect collaboration, and the production on this second effort is, IMO, far above their first offering. Listening to them harmonize is just this side of breath taking. I’ve enjoyed each singer’s music for longer than I want to admit, Linda playing with the Stone Poneys brings back some really fond memories. I’ve been a fan of Emmy Lou since the Grahm Parsons era & every one of her offerings evokes her true passion for music. Dolly, well what can you say about an angel’s voice from the mountains of NE TN? If it’s been done, she can tell you, and show you the best way to do it again! This perfect joining of three of the greatest talents in the music industry is nothing short of stellar, I can’t imagine a more perfectly matched ensemble. I’m convinced tho that Linda’s voice and talent outshines the other two ladies on this collection, no small feat. Feel free to disagree, Emmy Lou & Dolly have very few equals, but Linda just shine’s! It’s truly a loss for everyone she’ll no longer be able to record or perform. It’s long overdue to add this CD to my collection, those really outstanding efforts get harder & harder to find, Trio ll has raised the bar even higher. Only one drawback to this great set, for so much talent, for the smile it brings to my ears & the calm it brings to my soul, there’s just not enough of it. Ladies !!! Y’all shoulda done a double CD! Check it out!

Product Description After years of promise, Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, and Linda Ronstadt return with Trio II, the follow-up to their 1987 platinum-selling critical smash Trio. These three superstars again deliver a collection of stellar acoustic Country, Blues and Pop performances the likes of which made the original Trio recording unforgettable.Certified Gold by the RIAA. (11/01) This long-awaited, highly anticipated follow-up to 1987’s much-loved initial Trio offering doesn’t disappoint. On Trio II, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, and Dolly Parton weave a spell that’s equal parts traditional and contemporary, country and folk, vision and voice. It’s their seamless musical blend of these counterpoints–as in the sweet, sweeping harmonies on Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush” or the instrumentally spare acoustic presentation of the Carter Family’s “Lover’s Return”–that makes these songs such treasures. When individual voices soar and fuse together to create distinct new voices, when instinct leads the way for artistry to follow, the result is perfect harmony, pure magic. –Alexandra Russell See all Editorial Reviews




Trio II (Two) Review


This was one of my husband’s Christmas presents (found it on his Amazon Wish List. ..he already had Trio I) and he listened to it right away. He especially likes Dolly’s lilting melody and I prefer Linda Ronstadt’s voice but all 3 ladies sound like they were born to sing together. The harmonies are really enjoyable. Though I was unfamiliar with the songs, I’ve grown to like them very much. It’s already on the ipod so we’re set for travel or listening anywhere in the house. Nice CD -Read Reviews-

Was so glad to find this, even used. …great music, but the CD does have a couple of places where it skips and sputters. …

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