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Traxion 5-100 Tailgate Ladder

I bought this because I have a 4WD pickup with a high tailgate, and I have short legs. The design is good, I like that it is off to the side, I can use the side wall to hold while climbing, and, if it is deployed, is out of the way while loading. Also, because the bottom is on the ground, the bulk of the weight is not transferred to the gate. In a few weeks of use, it seems to be working well. Now the problem. Within two weeks of installation, there is rust in many spots. It appears that the inside of the square tubes wasn’t coated, or welds weren’t coated properly. There is rust at the joints, and where the base plate is welded. I contacted the company, and I was told a replacement will be sent out. I will update either when I get the new one, or if I don’t get it. UPDATE:I received the replacement ladder, and installed it in the same spot as the original. Unfortunately, I again started seeing rust in the same spots within a couple of weeks. My review stands, with the addition to say that for the price, it is a decent product. Just understand that it may not last all that long. My guess is that you can expect to replace it every year or two. I’m going to try to extend its life a bit. I have rust inhibiting spray paint, I will use a wire brush to remove the rust, and spray the whole ladder. Hopefully, I can get the paint inside the legs/rungs enough to slow the rusting process. Check it out!

Traxion Tailgate Ladder is easy to install on pretty much any truck. This part will not work with Dodge RamBox, Chevrolet Avalanche and Cadilac Escalade Trucks. We do not support installation on the vehicles. It provides a nearly universal fit, deploys in a couple of seconds and greatly reduces the strain of getting into the back of a truck. When not in use the tailgate ladder folds and secures neatly against the tailgate out of the way of valuable cargo space. Heavy-duty construction ensures durability. From automotive tools that make the mechanic more safe and productive to truck accessories that improve accessibility, Traxion engineered products will continue to support the needs of their customers.

Traxion 5-100 Tailgate Ladder Review

If you own a Chevy 2500HD, you know that for anyone who is under 6’6" tall, you may be considered vertically challenged, when trying to access the bed of your truck! I wanted something practical and economical, and this fit the bill, so I bought it. It was easy to install and seems sturdy and well made, which actually surprised me because it’s very well priced. The directions are vague, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to mount this thing! I would suggest the following before playing backyard mechanic/engineer. ….. Get yourself some self tapping screws, the screws that came with the kit are junk, I had some self tappers in my "island of misfit screws drawer" so I used them. Also, to keep the rattles down when the ladder is stowed, a few well placed clear 1/2" rubber bumpers, you know the kind you use for glass tops or cabinet drawers, will do the trick, where the ladder rests against the tailgate. …… All in all, this is a great product, and I would recommend it. -Read Reviews-

Easy to install

Deploys in a couple of seconds

Reduces the strain on you as you get in and out of the bed of your truck

Secures neatly against the tailgate

This part will not work with Dodge RamBox, Chevrolet Avalanche and Cadilac Escalade Trucks. We do not support installation on the vehicles

I was looking for a better way to get up into the bed of my truck with the tailgate open. Well I have a bad back and have a very hard time getting in and out of the truck bed. I use to carry a 2 step, step stool which slid around in the bed, but this is attached to the tailgate and stays in place. It also mounts on either side of the tailgate and doesn’t interfere with my trailer like some others which come off the back of the tailgate. I can use the bed side as a handle for balance. Girlfriend likes it also, so good by step stool. In my search I found the add on steps would cost up to $200, so I kept looking and ran across this step ladder. I weigh 250# and it supports my weight and the tubular steel frame seams fairly substantial for being 2 steps. It sits on the ground, so it doesn’t need to be made of heavy steel. It does make the tailgate heaver to close and is the only drawback so far. I mounted the steel plate drilling the holes with a 9/32″ drill bit and being careful used the supplied screws (caution the screw heads strip easily). I put some grease on the sheet metal screws so they can thread into the tailgate easy and maybe help to keep them from rusting. I than put together the steel ladder with the supplied 3/8″ bolts and locks nuts. The length of the ladder is adjustable so you can set the height of the ladder to your truck’s tailgate. I purchased some ” Velcro tie down straps and used a flat washer with a screw to make my own tie down strap. I made up 2 straps to hold the ladder in place. The ladder is held on with 2 hitch pins and comes off easily if you need to remove it. What I found were, the paint on the steel parts is thin and my rust in an open truck bed, the screw heads would strip out easily, and the supplied tie down strap was short. I had no problem with the ladder supporting my weight and was stable on asphalt. When it comes to truck accessorizes, I buy what I think will work for my situation and budget. I was really surprised how well built and thought out this is for the price. If it gets rusty I can always sand blast it and repaint it. Aside from the above shortcomings I think the tailgate step ladder from TraXion was a good buy and a easy install. TraXion Model # 5-100[. ..]Greg

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