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Topeak Sport II Floor Pump

This is an excellent multi-use floor pump with a few minor caveats. The Twinhead chuck works well on both schrader and presta valves, sealing well during pumping and then releasing easily w/o any significant loss of air. It pumps a lot of air with minimal effort up to 100 psi, although the effort starts to increase noticeably above that pressure. I was able to pump a tubular tire up to 160 psi, however, I practically had to lift my entire body off the floor to do so. So for all practical purposes, this pump is most suitable for inflating clincher tires, which are rarely inflated over 120 psi. The new gauge design very cleverly places the psi markings outside the gauge on the surrounding bezel, which not only makes them larger and spaced farther apart, but also eliminates and glare from reflections off the gauge lens. All this makes the gauge far more legible than the older design, which is pictured in this listing and I have uploaded a photo of the new gauge design to show this improvement. Minor complaints are that the hose is rather short, only about two feet long, although Topeak somehow chooses to call it extra long. Fortunately, the hose can be rotated at its attachment point to make it reach better. The other complaint is that the stamped steel base does not sit flat on the floor and the pump tends to rock back and forth during pumping even if you stand on it with both feet. Also, it has sharp edges that will scratch delicate floors. Update on 11/27/15 – This pump has been working great since I bought it a month ago. I like it so much that I just ordered a second one in a Black Friday lightning deal for just $27. 99. Check it out!

Topeak Sport II Floor Pump Review

Very study bike pump that I use on my road bike. The gauge is very easy to read and very accurate from my experiences. The handle is very comfortable. My only issue is that I find the valve connector to be rather stiff. I am expecting that it will loosen up with increased use, but everytime I am still cautious about forcing it too much and with bending the tube valve (especially the fragile tip on the Presta valves. The connector is fortunately solidly built with a metal lever, if it were all plastic I would be very concerned about breaking it off acidentally. Overall, it has been a great bike pump! -Read Reviews-

Used by both professional and amateur riders alike

Made using high quality materials and components

Tested to ensure quality and durability

Double-sided twinhead TM works with presta and schrader valves

Extra long hose with 360 degree pivot

Steel base provides stability

Over sized handles provide comfort

Painted steel barrel

If you’re undecided between this Topeak and the Serfas TCPG, read on. I purchased this pump about a year ago and have loved the ease of operation. I mostly use the Presta end for my TT bike, but I have on occasion used the Schraeder side for car tires and an old mountain bike. Both valve adapters work flawlessly; more on this later. What makes this pump better than the Serfas TCPG? Two things: a lot more air goes into the tire per pump action, and the Topeak is much easier to pump, particularly when you approach 100psi. I have been able to make direct comparisons between these two pumps on multiple occasions and the difference is actually quite dramatic. It takes me half the time to pump up my 700×23 on the Topeak than on the Serfas, and on the Serfas, I’m pushing as hard as I can on those last few pumps to get the tire to pressure. I’m fairly light, around 150lb, and at times my feet are off the ground and I’m using my body weight to get that last bit of air into the tire. On the Topeak, the last few strokes are a bit tough but I’m still well within my means. As for some people having difficulty with air leakage on the presta side, or having difficulties removing the pump adapter from the valve, the solution is surprisingly simple: don’t unscrew the valve tip all the way. Loosen it just enough so that when you push down on the tip with your hand, you hear decent deflation airflow. The closer the tip is to the base of the valve, the easier it will be to remove the pump adapter after you’re done. This is because if the tip is unscrewed all the way, it tends to get stuck above the rubber gasket inside the pump adapter. The amount you can unscrew the tip varies per valve, so unscrewing the tip all the way might not affect things in all scenarios. But to be safe, just unscrew as little as necessary. It doesn’t take much for the pump to operate at full potential. The other benefit of this is that you’re likely to get a good seal between the valve wall and the rubber gasket, so there won’t be any air leakage during pumping or removal of the pump adapter. This technique applies to all presta pumps, not just the Topeak or Serfas.

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