Buy “Top Dog 80 Pack Deluxe Puppy Pads and Dog Training Pad with Extra Quick-Dry Black Carbon Technology – Perfect for Puppy Housebreaking and as Potty Pads for Your Mature Pet (Large, Black) Pet Supplies” Online

Top Dog Deluxe Puppy Pads and Dog Training Pad with Extra Quick-Dry Black Carbon Technology - Perfect for Puppy Housebreaking and for Your Mature Pet

Finally! A pad that actually absorbs. .. The charcoal draws odors into it as well, no more pee smell. These are the best and I’ve read all the reviews of all the other "top" brands and have tried them all. I’m never changing brands again this one is a winner 🙂 Check it out!

Do you have the puppy potty training blues? Do you frequently come home to puddles of puppy pee pee? Or ruined carpets, gross odors, stained hardwood floors and guilty looking puppy dog eyes? Well you are in luck – the genius engineers at Top Dog have created the solution to your puppy training blues! Behold: “Top Dog Activated Carbon Pet Relief Pads.” These puppy pads are 25% thicker and 2x more absorbent than those of major name brand competitors. Built with 5-layer construction, our puppy training pads are optimized to ensure your floors stay clean and dry all day long. [*] Layer 1 is our unique Activated Carbon Technology for maximum absorption and minimum odor. [*] Layer 2 is a Super Absorptive Polymer layer that turns liquid into gel instantly! This material is based on technology from USDA labs engineered to hold up to 400x it’s weight in fluid. That’s a lot of fluid. [*] Layer 3 is a cotton tissue fluff to help lock-in moisture. [*] Layer 4 is a tear-resistant top stretch layer that protects the dog training pads from overzealous pups. [*] The 5th layer is our impermeable plastic bottom, which ensures zero liquid seeps through to your previous floors. Best of all, our pads are black, to minimize the visual impact on your home or apartment! Our large wee wee pads are more absorbent than those of bulk brands like hartz or arm and hammer, we guarantee it, and they fit any standard sized tray or holder. We’d love to hear what you think. Please post a review or drop us a line at info [at] top dog pet and home dot com! Happy Puppy Parenting.

Top Dog Deluxe Puppy Pads and Dog Training Pad with Extra Quick-Dry Black Carbon Technology – Perfect for Puppy Housebreaking and for Your Mature Pet Review

These things are awesome. I have tried, quite literally, six different brands of puppy pads and these are BY FAR the best. We adopted a puppy a month ago whose sole purpose in life it seems is to pee every 10 minutes and be perfectly adorable. She gets about 3-5 pee’s on each pad before I have to replace it. These have been soaked overnight and I’ve never had one leak. Never. These unfold easily without sending white fluff everywhere, have absolutely no detectable scent and lay nice and flat. My puppy was attracted to it immediately and did her business. These pads do seem to control the urine odor over several hours much better than any other pads I’ve tried. These pads cost a little more but I’m willing to pay a few extra dollars to save myself the frustration of dealing with wet floors and pads that fall apart everywhere. On a side note they’re are also great for cleaning up big spills – like an entire juice box squeezed onto the rug. I put a pad, absorbent side up under the rug, another pad absorbent side down on top of the rug and pressed several times. Voila! The spill was absorbed. After shampooing that particular spot I used the same technique to dry up the excess water. We also use a pad underneath my older dogs water dish. They tend to splash water everywhere as they drink and the pads absorbs the water they send flying. No more slippery floors! -Read Reviews-

ABSORBS 2x as much, 2x as fast, so you never come home to ruined floors

BLACK potty pads, so your pets mess stays discrete and you never see a yellow stain on a white puppy pad in your home

ODOR ELIMINATION with carbon technology for all-day use to ensure your home stays fresh

LEAKPROOF Dry Lock Polymer turns liquid into gel instantly to guarantee dry floors and easy clean up

PHERMONE ATTRACTION to ensure pets feel comfortable and knows to hit the right spot every time

I purchased these recently due to my dissatisfaction with the previous pads I had been using. I must say these are perfect for my dog. When she uses them, I notice that there is little or no odor of urine present afterward, which was NOT the case with other pads. These pads really do seem to absorb odors much more efficiently. I also like that the urine seems to become solidified within the pad’s absorbent material and thus does not leak when I remove the used pad to discard. I don’t get any leak-through to the surface below the pad, either, which has been an issue with other brands. Now when I come home, I do not ever smell any urine odor in the house, which is such a welcome change! If there was one (extremely minor) suggestion I might have is regarding the color. I personally like the dark color better than the light ones made by other manufacturers However, it is so dark that my elderly great-aunt (who has a senior dog that she cannot walk as often as would be ideal and who is herself approaching 70) has a bit of trouble distinguishing the pad from the dark-colored flooring in her home due to her eyesight issues. For someone like her, it might be nice if the pads came in a somewhat lighter color (maybe a lighter gray perhaps?). The pads do have a light gray strip at two of the ends, which does help her a bit, though. Again, this is extremely minor and is not a problem for me personally. I highly recommend these to my various dog-owning friends over anything else out there.

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