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Tigerland [VHS]

As Colin Farrell said himself, "It all goes back to Joel Schumacher. ..if he hadn’t picked me out of obscurity. ..I’ve worked, but not at the level or people I’m working with now if he hadn’t taken a chance on an Irish kid playing a Texan. " (all in quotation marks is from IMDB). Colin Farrell is one of my favorite actors. It is so good to watch someone get a break like he did, and then grow so fast into one of Hollywood’s best. From all I have seen of him (which is almost all of his films), he blows me away; an absolute stunning talent. From all I have read about him as a person, he has remained a regular guy. Check it out!





Tigerland [VHS] Review


I went thru FT Polk in Nov 1974 at age 19 having enlisted for 2 years as an 11-B. I had heard about this area and this training, but never observed it firsthand. By then the war was winding down and they were no longer sending FNG’s to RVN. I later volunteered for Airborne and then Ranger, as that was when the were cranking up the first 2 Ranger Battalions. The uniforms and equiptment were as I remember them. The barracks were not, nor the attitude of the Drill Sgt’s, and I can’t imagine a "trainee" having a 20 round mag of live ammo in his ammo pouch, but that is Hollyweed. Anyway, I respect all the Men who went thru this war and thank them for their service to Our Nation. Thank you. The movie for me filled a gap in my memory that was before my time. I think it was an important story to tell, as I’m sure much of it probably happened at one time or another. ….. -Read Reviews-

War movies are among my least favorite, if I watch them at all. Even Colin Farrell, who is one of my favorite actors, didn’t make me buy this. Until I caught a glimpse of it on a movie channel. Tigerland isn’t your usual war movie at all. …it’s about the training and hardships that occur even before the war. It’s a training camp with men who have enlisted combined with men who got drafted. Colin Farrell’s character appears not to care, yet the way he helps the men around him is awe-inspiring. That’s what drew me into the movie. ..and then the reality of how harsh Vietnam soldiers had it. They hadn’t even been in combat yet and their lives were becoming a living hell. All they went through in the name of their country.’s a shame not all are considered heroes just for being there. Vietnam vets deserve 100% more than they get. ..and should never be forgotten.

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