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Thule 2016 RideAlong Child Bike Seat

This is the only seat I will ever recommend! By far the best one on the market. It reclines far enough for your baby to nap, has built in shocks, and is suitable for small babies through small children. My son started riding in this seat at 6 months old and he has always measured in the 10th percentile. I can not say enough great things about this seat. I have this installed on my beach cruiser. Worth the price and will fit on almost any bike. It locks on so you don’t need to worry about theft. easily comes off with one button, can go from bike to bike with no install as long as you purchase an extra mount, fits on low saddle with adapter (i purchased separately) only seat out there with that option. Reclines at the touch of a button and the harness adjusts with one touch. Check it out!

With smart design innovations that result in an intuitive, safe, and easy to use rear child bike seat, the Thule RideAlong takes your daily commutes and family bike adventures to the next level.

Thule 2016 RideAlong Child Bike Seat Review

My saddle time has tripled since getting this seat, my 2. 5 year old loves riding in it. I own the three major types of child carriers, a front mounted seat, a trailer, and now this rear seat. While all have their benefits, this Ridealong is the most convenient and my son’s favorite. The front mounted one (Yepp Mini) is great but can really only be used on upright cruiser type bikes. While he enjoys riding it, I have to bow my knees outward to accommodate the seat. Though it’s great for short rides, it wasn’t satisfying my need for speed and exercise. While I don’t use it much now, it definitely served its purpose when my son was younger; having him in front was nice to keep an eye on him. Then we got a trailer (InStep Quick N EZ). This was a step up to get more fitness intensity rides. And I definitely got a workout lugging it around. While I could now use my road and mountain bike for longer and faster rides, it was cumbersome pulling a trailer and I could only use it on paved trails. Also, no matter what time of day we’d ride, he would fall asleep within 10 minutes and I’d have to lay him down flat and unbuckled, which I never felt totally comfortable with. We don’t use the trailer much anymore but it is nice to have as it easily converts into a stroller if we’ll be out for extended periods of time. Then we decided to get a rear seat. I chose this seat because it reclines and based on my son’s tendency to fall asleep in the trailer, I thought this would be a necessity. However, he has yet to fall asleep during a ride! I think the speed, being off the ground, and the variety of trails now available has been keeping him entertained. As my rides get longer, I’m sure we’ll be using the reclining feature. If this isn’t important to you, there are many cheaper alternatives. I also chose this seat because of the color. Most other manufacturers only offer the dull, boring gray. We have the orange one (zinnia). Not only is it one of my son’s favorite colors, it offers great visibility. Another reason for choosing this particular seat is the way it mounts. I have a cyclocross bike with disc brakes and I didn’t want to take a gamble with other manufacturers. It seemed it was hit or miss if the chain/seat stay mounted varieties would fit my particular bike. My bike also doesn’t have any cables on the seat tube so it made my decision much easier. There are some very minor issues I have with the bike, none of which warrant anything less than a 5 star rating. 1. I feel the springs could be a tad stiffer. It does allow for a comfortable ride on smooth surfaces, but it can get a little bouncy on anything more aggressive. My son seems to enjoy it, but it alters my handling a bit. There have been times when after a hitting a bump, the seat will reverberate if the frequency matches my cadence. I usually coast until it settles down. 2. Due to the long lever arm of the springs, it does affect handling. Sometimes I feel the seat wagging like a tail. I’d assume the types that use the fender eyelets don’t exhibit this as much. 3. When riding solo, you’re stuck with the mounting bracket on the seat tube. There’s no way around this unless you want to take the whole thing off which is too time consuming. I like how the more conventional rear bike seats transform into a functional rack when not in use. It would be great if Thule came out with accessories that utilized the bracket when the seat is not in use. ..perhaps a rack, or lock or pump carrier. 4. My biggest gripe was one that I fixed with a minor modification. The corner of the seat that’s closest to the child’s big toe, the most ventral part of the seat, would make contact with my hamstring on occasion. If the seat is reclined, that portion moves forward even more causing it to dig into my hamstring each stroke. To fix this issue, I drilled a tiny hole in each side, mounted a washer, and ran paracord through with cord locks on either side. I simply cinch the cord so the corners of the seat bow inward enough so it doesn’t interfere with my pedaling. See attached picture. Overall, I’m very pleased with the seat. If you need the reclining option and/or you don’t have fender eyelets (and your bike doesn’t have cables down the seat tube), the Thule Ridealong is the best option. If you don’t think you’ll use the reclining feature and if your bike allows for conventional seats, perhaps a cheaper alternative would suffice. -Read Reviews-

Dual Beam suspension system absorbs road shock to ensure a smooth, comfortable ride for the child

Easy and quick one-hand tilt function of up to 20 degree, allows for five different reclining options

Universal quick release bracket allows seat to mount/dismount from bike in seconds

Quick release bracket is lockable to prevent seat from being removed when locked (lock included)

Designed and tested for children from 9 months to 6 years old, up to 48.5 lbs./22 kg (Consult a pediatrician for children under 1 year old)

I wish the head rest offered some more support to keep her head upright. She’s fully reclined and tightly strapped in in the accompanying picture, but her head still rolls forward/to the side. It’s distressing to see her head lolled over like this. I have to stop every five minutes to straighten her out. I feel like this could have been resolved if the head rest was design differently.

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