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Thruster Surfboard Fins (3 Fins) - Perfect Flex with Honeycomb, FCS or Future sizes

I’m not going to use these for a few weeks, until my new board is done, but when I opened them, I just had to get some pics up because people need to see them and this brand is completely underselling themselves. Visually, at least. The rest is to be determined. The wallet and key alone need to be mentioned and shown in their description. The key does mention not to use too much force, I didn’t read the rest, it could say it might damage the grub screw, it could say it might damage the key, but the metal portion is straight in the plastic, and every one I’ve ever had like that eventually wallows out and ends up spinning in the finger handle, because grub screws do tighten and get salt caked etc. Better ones are bent inside. But I use an actual tool anyway. But the fins look great and appear well constructed. We get huge here, (pre,post hurricane, and normal large swell), and I’ve never broken a fin short of hitting a rock. And that did more than break a fin. So I have faith, but we’ll see. I’ll update when boards done. Just started shaping, so there’s that, then art, then glass. Then I’ll get a chance to go through a lot of fins and give a REAL in depth report. Stay tuned. I’ve spent twice as much for fins that look no better. I’ll let you know exactly how they perform. They look great. Stoked. Check it out!

Ditch your plastic fins, and step up your game with these fiberglass honeycomb fins from Ho Stevie! These fins are designed to generate maximum performance from your surfboard. The honeycomb design makes the fins lightweight and responsive, providing you with the most speed, power, and flow possible. Thruster (3-fin) configuration is great for all-around performance. Loose enough to be fun and playful, but drivey enough to race past the fastest sections (and into barrels if you’ve got the skills!) We (Ho Stevie!) design all of our products with the highest quality standards. If a fin breaks, we will replace it for free. Join thousands of Ho Stevie! fans, and ride the best fins. Fin Specs/Dimensions:G5 Medium Template Base: 113mm (4.45″) Depth: 115mm (4.53″) Sweep: 33° Foil on front fins: Inner

Thruster Surfboard Fins (3 Fins) – Perfect Flex with Honeycomb, FCS or Future sizes Review

I like the Ho Stevie branding- simple and subtle. I’ve heard that 40% of the board performance comes down to fins, which makes these a great upgrade for little money. I bought this set, and an inexpensive side bite (GL) fin set so I can run a thruster or quad setup on my board. A Ho Stevie! 5-fin package for the popular 5/4/3 fin box board setups would kill! But I guess there is more profit in selling separate thruster and quad setups even though the front fins are identical. I did have trouble fitting one of the fins. The holes in the tabs were a little low and the plug was not seating completely. 5 minutes with a drill bit to make the hole "taller" and it was fixed. This may not be the fin’s fault as that fin box was replaced on the board (the original was ripped out), but it is an official FCS fin box. It was a quick easy fix. -Read Reviews-

Fits any surfboard that uses FCS or Future fins (select which kind) – whether it’s a shortboard, funboard, or longboard.

Honeycomb Fiberglass design provides the perfect amount of flex. Drive down the line on a fast pointbreak, launch aerials (if you’re lucky enough to be that good), or just rip some turns at your local beachbreak.

High-performance fins at a low price. We don’t spend millions of dollars sponsoring pro surfers… instead we pass the savings onto you.

Lightweight, responsive, and fast.

1 Year Warranty – Push it to the limit! If your fins break, we’ll replace them for free.

To anyone looking for a quality set of fins at an actual appropriate price, these are a great option. I bought the futures set and they fit my fin boxes perfectly. I took them out for a spin right after receiving them and was pleasantly surprised; they have great drive, hold strong through hard turns, and provided performance equal to that of my other sets of glass fins. Definitely recommend!

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