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WOW. So I just finished this amazing book and I am once again blown away by Vi Keeland. Her work just keeps getting better and better,I have followed this Author from day one and I am so glad I did. A contact is signed and this contract means you have just signed every aspect of your life over to the producers of the show that Kate is on. Now no spoilers will be in this review but I will say this. COOPER. Yes Mr. Bossy I will not give up until I have you COOPER. This book is full of everything and at times I was like HOLY CRAP what is going to happened next? It’s one of those WHO? WHAT?, WHEN? WHERE? type of books. And don’t even get me started on the steaminess of this exceptional book. Flawless writing. Talent beyond your belief. This story line is different from so many books out there right now. It’s refreshing to read something different and Vi nailed it. Like BAM hit that hammer hard and sealed this baby. You can’t go wrong with a Vi Keeland book , you just can’t. I am one of those readers who puts myself into a book and digs deep into the story. One who takes the ride right along with the characters. One who looks for an exceptional storyline to add to the exceptional hotness and this book has it all. Not once was I bored or rolling my eyes and saying not this again please. Kate and Cooper are perfect for each other. Kate is a very strong heroine and one I hope you fall in love with just like I did. Enjoy this book I know I sure did. Check it out!

Review “A fresh storyline that hasn’t been done over and over. You will FALL IN LOVE with Cooper!”  ~Penelope Ward, New York Times Bestselling Author  ”This original and unique page-turner is packed with so much heat that it is incendiary and guaranteed to leave YOU throbbing.”  ~Julie Richman, USA Today Bestselling Author”A unique, addictive, and sexy story that is a breath of fresh air.  You won’t want to miss this one!” ~Kim Karr, New York Times Bestselling Author ”When you read Throb you will be reading a story that is absolutely one of a kind. “ ~Nita, The Bookchick, –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Throb MP3 CD – Audiobook, MP3 Audio, Unabridged by Vi Keeland (Author) Review

3. 5 StarsI have been meaning to read a book by Vi Keeland for ages and I finally took the plunge and began with Throb. The blurb had me hooked and I was intrigued as to how Kate got herself into this situation and whether they would all get through it all ok. It was an amusing and sizzling read, all around the set of a TV Reality show, a cross between the Bachelor and Survivor. Cooper was the first character I met, and I thought he was going to be one of those rich, high strung, demanding guys running his own business and not treating women real well. But then he had to slum in and go play poker with friends of his fathers. That there changed my opinion of him! He really is down to earth, despite the faade he has erected. Its at this match he first meets Kate and realises that he may be looking for a woman to be more permanent in his life. Kate was a fun girl to read about! She is a really sweet girl, who has a fantastic poker face! She wants to do right by her family, and that is why she is determined to win the show she signed up for. But once she meets Cooper, and her feelings develop, she is torn with what her heart wants and what she needs to do for her mother and brother. There is no denying the chemistry between Kate and Cooper and how he is relentless in pursuing her. There were a few other characters introduced that make this story interesting. Coopers brother Miles is a big jerk, but brings a fair bit of spice to the story. I loved Flynn! He is such a nice guy and tried hard to win Kate! And then there is Sadie she was quite the amusing character!I really enjoyed the romance in Throb. Cooper knew what he wanted and was willing to do whatever he could to get Kate. Their connection strengthened along the way, and hurdles, like the show, always kept them wondering if it would all end. I quite enjoyed my first Vi Keeland read and will definitely keep her work in my sights in the future! -Read Reviews-

What a great book. This was not my first book from this author. I love Vi. She writes some of the most beautiful books i have every had the pleasure of reading. It took me a moment awhile to pick the book up because reading the synopsis i assumed the book was going to be different than what i expected . I was wrong and right at the same time. The book was sweet, but what i dis not expect was the (SPOILER ALERT) sort of love triangle that was created. That bothered me to no end. Did not like it. Made my stomach turn. I almost had to skip pages just to get passed that part. Other than that loved Cooper he was what i love in a male. Strong alpha -type, but also sweet. I loved Kate also. She knew what needed to be done and did it. She still had some self-loathing but that was understandably due to the circumstances. Loved the book

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