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Thomas' Snowsuit (Annikin) Paperback – June 1, 1989 by Robert Munsch (Author)

I bought this book for my 19 month old grandson. …and was thrilled when it was delivered was the sweetest trip down memory lane. …I bought sooooo many of the Robert Munsch books. ..they are wonderful !! For my sons, many years ago, I bought the hardcover because they were older. …but for my grandson, who loves holding and reading(looking) at books by himself, this board book will be perfect!!! Did I mention, we bought him a snowsuit for of course we have to have "props" to go with the whole winter experience!!! Buy this book, its wonderful !!! Check it out!

From School Library Journal PreSchool-Grade 2 Thomas refuses to wear his new brown snowsuit: “If you think I am going to wear that ugly snowsuit you are crazy!” He reinforces this statement with a resounding “NNNNNO” when his mother insists he don the suit. His mother jumps up and down, and they have an enormous fight. This behavior is repeated with Thomas’ teacher and the school principal. In the process of a fight, Thomas and his teacher end up in their underwear. Thomas never suffers any ill-consequences for his rude behavior; he looks on with a smirk as his mother, teacher and principal are made to look foolish. In the end the principal retires to Arizona “where nobody ever wears a snowsuit.” Thomas comes off as a manipulating, rude little brat. Audiences may chuckle over the cartoon-like illustrations; they are bright and colorful, and do fit the story. However, this is one Canadian import that should be left north of the border. Evelyn Homan, Lexington Public Library District, Ill.Copyright 1986 Reed Business Information, Inc. –This text refers to the School & Library Binding edition.

Thomas’ Snowsuit (Annikin) Paperback – June 1, 1989 by Robert Munsch (Author) Review

This book surrounds getting dressed with non-stop violence. I bought it to help a toddler through the early "I don’t want to put on my jacket" phase. This book teaches the opposite. Perhaps an older child would see it as ironic, but the content isn’t for a board book. "Froggy gets dressed" is much better for my purposes. -Read Reviews-

I purchased this book as a Kindle ebook, so I didn’t have to worry about the comments people have made about how small the printed book is. Lucky for me!What I did like most about the book are the hysterical illustrations and the fact that the text is on the same page as the illustration to which it applies. (This is not the case with Love You Forever!)I’d say that if you want a serious book to share with your child, buy something else. If you want to laugh and recognize that the school principal is never going to dress in the teacher’s clothes, etc. and just have a good time, then buy Thomas’ Snowsuit. The Kindle version is really good! And for a wonderful new children’s book, you might try: Carolee Sings in the Christmas Choir: A Christmas Story for Children of All Ages (Carolee – Adventures of an Angel)

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