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There Is Nothing Left To Lose

This has always been my favorite Foo Fighters album, primarily because this is the one record of theirs where they simply cut loose. The vinyl has long been out of print and was notorious for sounding poor. This new reissue is part of the entire catalog repress on vinyl, all cut by Chris Bellman. I have to say on this album he did a fantastic job. The vinyl is clean and standard weight, spread onto two LPs. The vinyl is in poly/paper sleeves inside the cover which is not a gatefold. But the price is nice and the vinyl cut so well that I can live without all the original artwork. That being said the front and back cover are very well printed. There’s also an mp3 download included, but who buys this for the mp3s?And this will blow away your CD. There’s all the little things that a well mastered LP will reveal over a compressed CD. A steal for around the $20 price point when the crummy sounding original will set you back at least $100. Arrived perfectly from Amazon in their new designated record mailers. Check it out!

Product description FOO FIGHTERS THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE Riding the momentum of the hit single “Learn to Fly,” which hit No. 1 on the modern-rock charts long before this album’s release, the Foo Fighters’ third record is unarguably its most refined and poppy. The ominous riff that the opens “Stacked Actors” (which sounds like something Kurt Cobain could have hacked out on Nirvana’s gnarly In Utero) is pretty much a red herring. The 10 tunes that follow are a succession of hook-laden pop songs tarted up with guitarist-vocalist (and former Nirvana drummer) Dave Grohl’s thick guitars and increasingly sugar-sweet vocals. Nearly every cut on There Is Nothing Left to Lose has the potential of following “Learn to Fly” up the charts. The production is big and friendly and songs like “Generator,” “Aurora,” and “Headwires” just melt in your mouth. And even though the Foo Fighters’ latest is seductively sweet in sound, there are just enough rough edges and lyrical angst to keep things interesting. –Adem Tepedelen




There Is Nothing Left To Lose Review


Great purchase, a great item for my collection!!! Recommended seller!!! -Read Reviews-

The first album I received was defective with skipping throughout. Amazon quickly replaced it but unfortunately, had the exact same issue. It’s not our record player as other albums play just fine. Be aware if you order this album on vinyl, you will likely encounter the same issue.

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