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Their Greatest Hits

If you love 70s rock you’ll love the Eagles. This is their classic album and you can’t go wrong. The Eagles 1976’s release Their Greatest Hits 1971-75 has recently become the biggest selling album of all-time topping Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The album has moved a staggering 26 million copies and the fact that people are still consistently buying it 24 years after its release is a testament to the timeless nature of the songs. The songs are mostly in the country-rock vein from the wistful "Peaceful Easy Feeling" to the two-timing tale "Lyin’ Eyes" to the supple number one hit "Best Of My Love". There are some harder number like the evil & dark sounding "One Of These Nights" and the smoldering "Witchy Woman". The band’s success can be tied into the fact that Glenn Frey & Don Henley are extraordinary songwriters, the band are perfectionists in the studio, so their songs are painstakingly produced, Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner and later Don Felder all are excellent musicians and they make picture perfect harmonies. An essential album. Check it out!

Product Description These songs sum up a time-the early ’70s-and a place-southern California-better than just about anything could. Take It Easy; Witchy Woman; Already Gone; One of These Nights; Take It to the Limit; Peaceful, Easy Feeling; Desperado; Best of My Love and more. The pre-Hotel California years were arguably the best for The Eagles (though there were, thanks to Joe Walsh, some stellar future moments). Their mix of country, folk, and rock had a harder, grittier edge, and helped define what would become known as the Southern California sound. There was just enough of a country feel in the beautiful harmonies of "Best of My Love," to blur the edges between the genres. "Take It Easy" and "Lyin’ Eyes" could easily have come out of the new Nashville school, as well. The twang that characterizes the guitar intro to "Already Gone" and the leads in "Witchy Woman" and "One of These Nights," also pays tribute to country’s guitar greats. Greatest Hits 1971-1975 houses a scant ten singles, but not only does it illustrate the magic of the collaboration between Glen Frey and Don Henley, it shows the breadth of The Eagles impact on the many who would follow their lead. –Steve Gdula




Their Greatest Hits Review


I’ve been an Eagles fan for many years and every song on this album is fantastic! The track listing includes:Take It EasyWitchy WomanLyin’ EyesAlready GoneDesperadoOne of These NightsTequila SunriseTake It To The LimitPeaceful Easy FeelingThe Best of My LoveI purchased the vinyl version of the album and it plays perfectly! Classic and essential album for fans of all ages! -Read Reviews-

Just got it today and aside from the great music on the album the pressing was great too. The only not-so-positive thing with the pressing was the hole diameter was a little on the small size where I had to push down the center of the record to get it down the spindle shaft, but at least the hole centering was very close to perfect and very low warpage of the record. Surface noise was not detectable during the music but was detectable between songs as with most vinyl records I’ve run across. Dynamic range was great as well as the frequency range was good (highs weren’t shrill and the lows weren’t boomy). It’s a keeper!

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