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The White Angel Murder Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Victor Methos (Author),

A gritty, pull no punches suspense with both serial murders and police corruption. The main character really does have his back against the wall but comes out of it with integrity and closure – of sorts. The support cast could have had more of a showing, but in respects it makes sense they didn’t. We really did need to follow the path of one guy who had to deal with so much: an ex partner who had tried to kill him, bosses who he could not trust, a cold case of epic proportions and a failed marriage he found it hard to give up on. I sense this may well lead to further novels starring Jon Stanton, and if there are further offerings, I will be more than interested in tagging along. Recommended to those who like their suspense novels to show the darker side of human nature. It was well written and could easily become a film. Check it out!

The White Angel Murder Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Victor Methos (Author), Review

A very interesting, albeit strange book. I am an atheist and I thought that the author’s Mormon/religious theme was quite interesting–I was not offended by his Mormon ideas like some were, probably because I do not find his religion stranger than all others. Most detective/crime stuff shows the "good guy" as a boozer, womanizer or similar and this one has a different take which I found to be interesting. And, also, the author is truthful enough to say that he does not know whether God exists, but God is "necessary" to him–refreshingly candid for a religious person! The story and writing is very "dark" and that is why I opened by saying it is strange–but sometimes strange is good. -Read Reviews-

Victor Methos is a compelling writer and this book is excellent in the thriller genre. Some of the scenes were very difficult to read. If this book were a movie, I would be covering my eyes at the graphic depictions. As in reality, so in a story, one must take the bad with the good to go to the underlying “moral of the story. ” This fourth book I have read by this authorcontinues to explore the complexities of the human nature. Once again, a thought provoking, and sometimes disturbing read.

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