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The Wheel on the School Mass Market Paperback – 1988 by Meindert DeJong (Author)

I read this book at a young age, when it was first in hard cover. It stuck with me all my life into adulthood. It’s the story of a village that has no storks and one of the six students ask why? That is where your teaching comes into play, so if you are a teacher, ask your class to read this book. The age recommended, I think, is childhood, to age 12, and even adults will enjoy this book. There is so much description of the village, the children and they way of life, in Holland. It is full of learning. In Holland, Shora is the name of the fishing village–the setting of the book. The village is made up mostly older people and there is one small school. One adult named Janus had no legs. One day a student Lina asks the teacher of the school why there are no storks in the village, for storks bring good luck. The teacher poses the question for the class to find the answer. It’s because the roofs of the houses have sharp edges and the storks or sea gulls cannot land to nest. The entire village comes together, from old, young and Janus, who has a disability, to find a wheel to go on the roof of the school to bring the storks to nest and bring the village good luck. The fishermen are bored because the weather has kept them from fishing, so they help, Janus the man with a disability helps, and even the older people help. The people from young to old all come together for one common goal. And that could pertain to any goal in today’s world. People working together for a common goal, no matter the age, or disabiliitys Don’t let anything hold you back if you have a goal. I highly recommend this book, no matter what your age, although as I stated in the beginning, it teaches. If you teach younger children–then assign this book for class. It really is a good book for teaching in all societies and ages, but start the young ones out and he or she will learn about working together to accomplish goals–dispite disabilities or obstacles. Check it out!

Winner of the Newbery Medal; Trumpet Club Special Edition.

The Wheel on the School Mass Market Paperback – 1988 by Meindert DeJong (Author) Review

Many years ago I purchased this book to read aloud to my fifth graders shortly after it was published. I did so for many years, and at that time, these young people really enjoyed it, as I read to them after lunch to relax them. Since then I have recommended this book to many people, and now that I am retired and nearing 80, I still buy it to give to neighborhood children. Adults seem to like it, too. It’s magical – at least in the early years, before television – because it made I think, the children see in their minds what was happening and what good can happen when people work together. It’s a story of adults and children joining together to accomplish the goal of getting the storks to return to their village. It’s predictable, but marvelous and has always been one of my favorite books of all time. Magically motivating. Look for other books by De Jong. I think you won’t be disappointed. I have read it many times and each time I am happier and even feel myself becoming a resident of that village. I’m no longer 80, but instead – 10 years old again. -Read Reviews-

One of our favorite books when my kids were younger. It’s one of those books that stay with you because the characters are so real. It is a lovely story, and reading about the Dutch educational system was a real eye opener for both me and my children.

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