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The Very Lonely Firefly (Penguin Young Readers, Level 2) Paperback – July 5, 2012 by Eric Carle (Author)

It’s a work of art! All of Earl Carle’s books are lovely to look at and easy to read. It’s a pure visual delight for the kids when they get to the last, lit up page in the hardcover version. Really nice and makes a good gift! Check it out! Review Many of Eric Carle’s books begin with a small creature being born just as a great yellow sun rises. This time the hero is a firefly, and the inimitably Carle-ish cut-paper orange-and-yellow sun is setting. The firefly buzzes off in search of companionship, but keeps following other lights by mistake–a candle, a flashlight, a lantern–and these in turn are all leading in the direction of a fireworks display. Finally, the lonely firefly finds the friends it is seeking–a dozen or more other fireflies. This is one of a series of large (11.5 by 8.5 inches) format Carle books with a mechanical twist: in this case, the firefly’s new group of friends start to flash (from tiny yellow bulbs embedded in the book) as you turn the last page. (The battery is replaceable.) (Baby to preschool) –Richard Farr –This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

The Very Lonely Firefly (Penguin Young Readers, Level 2) Paperback – July 5, 2012 by Eric Carle (Author) Review

Cute book, but I had to replace the batteries. I realize the book was published in 1999 and batteries don’t last forever. You can replace them for about $3, so just be sure to plan on that when you purchase the book. I wanted a light up book for my grand daughter and there aren’t many out there to choose from. I always like Eric Carle books for children because they are brightly colored and eye appealing. -Read Reviews-

I love Eric Carle’s books, so I was very happy to find this adorable story on Amazon, with the wonderful added bonus of the lovely lit up fireflies. I bought this board book as a gift for a youngster in my life and it was very well received. The only reason I am giving this a 3 star rating is that I bought the same book again for another gift, and the lights didn’t work. I reordered it once more after that and the lights didn’t work on that copy either. Amazon was great and refunded my purchase, but the delay caused by the two copies that didn’t work caused quite a delay in sending my gift. I know that’s the risk you take when ordering online, but I was hoping after my first great experience, that any future purchases would go just as smoothly.

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