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The Unimaginable Audiobook – Unabridged Dina Silver (Author),

Welp, I hate to do this, but I’m going to be the first person to disagree with the other reviewers and give this book a low rating. The synopsis had me at hello and I was SO looking forward to an edgy, romantic, mysterious and exciting adventure story on a sail boat. What I got was a very predictable and formulaic “romance” with a climax that was so heavily foreshadowed she may as well have told us on the back of the book exactly what was going to happen. Maybe my expectations were too high; I was hoping for a really expansive and well-developed cast of characters and plot, but this felt more like a Lifetime Movie with unknown actors and a low budget that airs in the middle of the afternoon. I spent some time in Thailand as a teenager so I was really hoping she would get it right, because Thailand is amazing. The color, the smells, the culture, the feeling of the heavy humid air on your skin. .. I wanted to see all of those things in this book and initially I thought she was going to give it to me. The book started well, with Jessica arriving in Thailand to take a job teaching English in a small school. I found the set-up of her living in a guest house and building relationships with Thai children very interesting. But then the book veered off in a couple erratic directions (she took a second job at a bar, she met a mysterious older man who comes to donate to the school, she inexplicably decides she wants to join the crew of a sailboat even though she has no sailing experience and just posts a notice on the dock bulletin board and *surprise!* gets hired) To me this all felt like the author was trying way too hard. She was trying too hard to give Jessica an adventure and to make Grant seem benevolent and intriguing, but I didn’t connect with any of it and therefore I didn’t care. Thailand and the school began to feel like a prop that the actors used when convenient, but ultimately didn’t add much to the story. I didn’t believe the main characters had any chemistry and their relationship felt unnatural and forced for some reason, like he was doing her a favor. I didn’t enjoy reading about their romance, partly because the characters felt flat and partly because it was cheesy at times. For example:”I could have stood there forever. It was like an Asian Casablanca. A hand on my shoulder awoke me from my daydream. .. I looked up into Humphrey Bogart’s eyes. “That was when the record scratched for me and I had a very hard time taking the book seriously after that. Jessica came across as an immature girl with a crush on an older man, so I wound up feeling sorry for her rather than hoping their relationship would go anywhere. The climax itself, while predictable, wasn’t terrible and for some people it might hit just the right note of suspense and adventure. For me personally, I was skimming so hard to get to the end by that point that it was just a blip on my radar. If you’ve read Dina Silver before (I hadn’t) and you know you like her style, then don’t let my review stop you from a quick afternoon read. But if are looking for something really epic and memorable with a multilayered plot, you may want to keep looking. Check it out!

The Unimaginable Audiobook – Unabridged Dina Silver (Author), Review

This should be an interesting story about growing up, expanding your horizons, and maturing with lots of action and adventure! Unfortunately, it doesn’t read as well as it should. My thoughts:1. The narrator, a 28 year old school teacher named Jessica, has a very young voice. She likes everyone she meets and is helpful to all, yet doesn’t seem to have any innate empathy. The narrative has a detached, pedantic feeling. 2. The synopsis refers to the book as a romance, but the romance was not a major factor in the story. It felt more like a very young girl’s crush on an older man inserted into a travel memoir. Now a lack of romance is not a particularly bad thing, but you probably want to know this. So, heads up. 3. The story is, primarily, a travelogue broken up by incidental scenes. The destination descriptions are excellently written, but it reads as a travelogue. Although the climax was suspenseful, it too, felt detached. Even that read like a travelogue. 4. There are a few grammar mistakes, mainly of the I/me variety. It’s odd because in a few places it’s done correctly. But there are no errors so egregious that your reading would be interrupted. In summary, if you like the sound of the synopsis with the caveats above, by all means, try it out. Maybe I just expected more excitement for an interesting story like this one. -Read Reviews-

The character interaction is melodramatic, sometimes too “on the nose”–it doesn’t ring true when characters say exactly what they mean. And it feels awkward when characters exchange dialogue that is too emotional without giving proper setup to the reader. For example: I know you cant understand why Im doing this, but I appreciate you being here. I could never leave without saying good-bye to you. I swallowed. I only wish I had your blessing too. She looked away. I just think this is a little extreme. I couldve helped you find another job here, Jessica. What would you know about extreme? I snapped. Youve never done anything extreme, let alone considered it. The passage above gives me the same feeling as overhearing an all too private conversation in public. It feels awkward and voyeuristic.

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