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The Surgeon Of The Nightsky Restores Dead Things By The Power Of Sound

They featured this album’s excerpts on the old "Hearts of Space" show back in the ’90s, and I came across some of John’s other works whilst exploring other musician’s albums. Lo and behold, this one was mentioned in collaboration with other stand-out New Age must-have albums. Oh, my goodness! What a treat! John has perfected the art of the double expressive horn vibe unlike anything you have ever heard. Although Mr. Hassell seldom plays live anymore for anyone, this album is the next best thing. he was doing this stuff long before Miles was. Please imbibe in such musical wonderment. You will not be displeased! Very, very nice. ..Think about the title, please. You have medical symbolism permeating the title, don’t you? And when you think the world has just blatantly gone to hell, you want something to soothe you emotionally. Presto! Along comes this album to restore what you once lost (like love, perhaps, huh?) and your faith in the power that is music of this caliber. A must have! Check it out!

Rich and rewarding classic ambient album produced by Brian Eno. Highly recommended.




The Surgeon Of The Nightsky Restores Dead Things By The Power Of Sound Review


This is, simply, one of Jon Hassell’s GREAT albums! Totally unique. ..ultra sophisticated. ..deeply primitive. ..complex in the way that usually only Classical music is. In fact, when this first came out on vinyl. ..that’s where I had to go to find it! Yes, the Classical section at my local Tower Records! Of course, back then, no one seemed quite clear just where Hassell belonged. ..rock, jazz, new age, classical, world??? Probably ALL of these are true, but it did make locating his latest album difficult at times. And this illustrates the remarkable combination of sounds and rhythms that all of Hassell’s work contains. To over-simplify, take those raw African or Malay drums and pair them with *the* most digitally-altered trumpet textures you will probably ever hear. Now, take that and add a live performance group where every member is equally intelligent and unique. That’s what you have on this CD. The composition works perfectly. And it *really* is different *every* time you hear it. Truly GREAT music. Don’t miss this one. -Read Reviews-

Haunting, hypnotic, trance music from Jon Hassell. His so-called “Fourth World” style melds ritualistic and tribal rhythms with “jazz” (for lack of a better word), but not any sort of jazz you might expect. Hassell’s heavily processed trumpet drones, wails, and whispers over the atmospheres. Beautiful. Highest recommendation.

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